We're All Going To Die - the film

October 9, 2018

 What does your internal monologue, a visit from death and a fart joke have in common? The We’re All Going To Die film directed by Stefan Hunt of course, which stars Hugo Weaving (as death) and

Jared Jekyll (as your internal monologue). Over the last year the film has toured the world as part of the We’re All Going To Die festival but and now, you can watch it in the comfort of your own living room (in your underwear of course).



An adaption from the original book of the same name, We’re All Going To Die is a story that takes on the simple task of exploring the meaning of life. Through colour, imagination, humour and fart

jokes, Hunt asks you to look at the 'what ifs', the 'why nots' and the 'oh wells' that might flash before your eyes when paid a surprise visit by Death.


With your internal monologue and Death, you’re prompted to get existential whilst grinning from ear to ear during this short film of fantastical weirdness.



“Three years ago I was the one on the couch, crippled by fear. But this poem, this film, this project has changed all that. Reminding myself I’m going to die has shifted my approach to life," says Hunt.


Leading man, Jared Jekull adds: “As someone who experiences crippling anxiety, the film helped to further normalise these neurosis and realise the community was much larger and that it is nothing to be ashamed of.”


We’re All Going To Die is a creative community that uses death to empower you to fear less & live more. Using art we create groundbreaking experiences that spark conversations and shift the role fear plays in our everyday life.




A year ago, nobody knew who we were, and we had a Facebook group of 62 people that comprised mostly of Stefan’s friends and his mum.


The internet algorithms were against us and the PR big shots said the concept was too morbid to gain any traction. Within 6 weeks of launching, Stefan had raised $35 000 on Kickstarter and thrown a festival for 1400 punters from all walks of life in Sydney.


In just a year, The tiny We’re All Going To Die team runs experiential art festivals across the world that includes death meditations, interactive dance experiences, eye-gazing with strangers, panel discussions on life and a mini-film festival that explores themes around fear and death.


In 2019 the festival will continue to grow taking on Melbourne and New York City. For now, you can check out the short film below.  



And to find out more about Stefan and how 'We're All Going To Die' came to be, watch this video.


Stefan Hunt started his film-making career at 18, when he decided to buy an ice-cream truck and drive it across the U.S with the goal of surfing in each state, even if it was land locked. The idea was so stupid that it did incredibly well. Since then he has directed award-winning films across every single continent except for Antarctica - living the dream. And then life spiralled. Two years ago Stefan's anxiety got really bad and he became so afraid of the unknown that he couldn’t make a simple decision until he penned a poem, ‘We're All Going To Die’, which changed everything.


Images: Liam Riley, Sam Sheppard and illustration by Stefan Hunt. 


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