Review: Lower Your Expectations

October 1, 2018

Rachael Millanta proves that being a "quirky" cat lady in your 20s ain't such a bad thing.



Rachael Millanta has had big plans for herself since she was five years old. In her debut stand-up gig, Lower Your Expectations, Rachael recounts the tale of moving from her "humble" agriculture farm life on the coast, to the big smoke in pursuit of popularity, a law degree and a local stray cat. Her expectations were high; she was ready to live like "Rachel from FRIENDS" but the reality of life as a young person living in Sydney was more like an episode of Please Like Me.


Lower Your Expectations is a funny, fresh and an unfortunate representation of what it feels like being a twenty-something year old navigating your first steps into adulthood. You're naive, eager to please and furiously digging through the dirt of your backyard mid-way through your own house warming party (maybe that was just Rachael?).


Think you've had terrible housemates? Rachael will definitely give you a run for your money. Next time you think about leaving a passive aggressive post-it note in your communal kitchen because your housemate as YET AGAIN left a peanut buttery, half-licked spoon in the sink (you people are fucking gross btw), spare a thought for poor Rachael who took on the financial burden of housing her roommate and her roommate's conspiracy theorist mother. It could only go up from there, right? Well, apparently no... the next housemate accused her of urinating on other people's beds and collecting slugs.



Packed into Matchbox theatre, an intimate space of Marrickville's Factory Theatre, Rachael bared her soul to a room full of strangers – and a couple of mates – in the hopes that we'd all have a giggle at her misfortune, which we did. From kinda shitty boyfriends, to really shitty housemates (and a sprinkle of The Bachelor), Rachael recounts a life that's never quite lived up to the expectations she'd set out for herself.


The picture that Rachael painted is one most millennials are familiar with, exposing the lengths we'll go to just to be liked by people that really don't deserve our friendship in the first place. The 45 minute set was both truthful and funny, highlighting that we sometimes have to put up with a mountain of shit before we'll realise that we're worth more than what's being dished out to us.




Rachael Millanta is an actor, improvisor, comedian and writer, who has a problem with over-enthusiasm that she refuses to address. ‘Lower Your Expectations’ is her solo debut, inspired by everything in her life that hasn’t quite gone as her five-year old self had planned.


Image: Emma Gibbons.


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