TSH Recommendations: What we're doing, thinking, eating & drinking #4

July 8, 2018

A guide for the modern day millennial. Kate Neilson shares what she’s been eating, reading, drinking and listening to.


EAT - Henry Lee's

This place is quietly hidden away from the hustle and bustle surrounding it, accessed only from a side alleyway, giving you the impression that you’ve stumbled into an unknown latte oasis (you and the 60 other patrons that is).


Planted in the heart of the Redfern/Chippendale divide, Henry Lee's boasts an amazing range of meals, tagged with extremely cute names such as ‘The Proud Girl’ a meatball and scrambled egg dish ($21) and ‘The Saint Huck’ a traditional Israeli shakshuka ($21). Their delicious food is paired with an exquisite drinks menu - perhaps the most elaborate I’ve come across - with a variety of unique latte flavours on offer, including: red velvet, charcoal, purple taro, hibiscus rose and the golden tumeric latte. A nice change from your regular flat white and oh-so Instagrammable.



While I didn’t try an ‘out of this world’ latte (I opted for a cold brew coffee instead) I will most definitely be back to give it a whirl, perhaps when I’ve done something boring like paying my rego and am in need of a sweet treat to reward myself.




For breakfast I ordered ‘A place called home’ ($22). It had a ploughman's plate feel to it; perfectly cooked poached eggs (no easy feat) with prosciutto, mozzarella stuffed tomatoes, charred fennel on sourdough. It also came with a fresh slice of rockmelon, which I was kind of surprised to see and was even more surprised at how well it worked in with the rest of the flavours. It was truly amazing. My friend ordered ‘The Ripper’, a truffle mushroom dish that she said was also delish.



Check them out. This will no doubt become my new local haunt. You’ll find my ogling at my very purple coffee.

Images: @henryleesredfern.


READ - 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith


I am soooooooooo late to the game on this one. Just Kids is the one book that is constantly mentioned amongst my group of friend’s as one of their best reads ever. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to jump on the Patti Smith train but I’m here and I’m loving it.



Just Kids is a memoir documenting Patti Smith’s relationship with artist, Robert Mapplethorpe, and with New York City. She takes us on her journey from a poor, budding artist from New Jersey - whose driving desire was to fill her soul to the brim with creative pursuits - to the woman we all came to know, thriving in the creative pulse of NYC.




I won’t reveal too much, for those who aren’t familiar with the story, but I will say that it looks at the love that two people can have for one another through a truly unique lens. It’s not your average run-of-the-mill love story. It’s gritty, tumultuous and heartbreaking; a true tale of survival.


Patti Smith is such a beautiful and eloquent writer. It’s worth the read purely to soak in her wonderful flow of words!







LISTEN - LO LA RU by The Rubens


I’ve always liked The Rubens but they weren’t a band I’d call on to listen to very often. I’d heard a few of their catchy Triple J bangers, which I liked, but I haven't ventured much further than that. That is until last week when I consumed their new album LO LA RU four or five times in a row. I fell in love with each song instantly and that’s not something that happens often.




I felt as if I’d heard each song already but in a really good way. It feels like a slightly new direction for the band and I’m so about it.


Speaking to Triple J news, band member Elliot said of the album’s name “We came up with this idea of creating a fake nation behind this album. Because we'd created our own little world; brought these producers over from New York, had a studio in our hometown, [do] whatever we'd like to do and have fun doing it."


His brother and fellow band member, Sam added: "It was the first time we've ever had complete freedom to make an album. We've had pressures from labels in America and all this crap [in the past], so: how do we make an album name that encapsulates that process and that freedom?"


Some of the standout tracks, in my opinion, are ‘So So’, ‘Teeth’ and ‘Never Ever feat. Sarah.’

P.S They’re touring now, details here.




DRINK - Bulletin Place

Located moments from Sydney’s Circular Quay, this shoe box sized bar is the perfect little date spot and serves a damn good cocktail. After harvesting produce from local markets, the bartenders will create bespoke cocktails with their findings, no two experiences will be the same.



They offer a seasonally varied Australian wine list and weekly changing craft beers. After all, a change is as good as a holiday.


I had a delicious poached pear cocktail when I visited and I’m sad to think it might not be there next time I turn up. Ah well, a fleeting flavour is sometimes the best kind.


Hit this place up next time you're in the city, you won't be disappointed. 


 Images: @bulletinplacesydney.



All opinions in this article are that of the author.






Kate Neilson is the founding editor at Twenty Something Humans. She loves to eat her toast in bed and feels awkward talking about herself in third person. Lurk her @katiepotatierose.

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