Getting to know: The Montreals

March 16, 2018

Have you ever seen The Sound of Music? You know when Maria sings that song 'these are a few of my favourite things'?  Well, if Maria was a dude instead of a chick, living in Adelaide instead of Austria and the song was actually about 'a few of my least favourite things', then you'd have The Montreals and their new single, Sardines.


We had a chat with Stefan and Angus, half of the four-man show, about mediocre fast food joints, keeping the creative tank filled and the best way to start your day.


These two are a whole lot of fun; the kind people that say things like "hoooey" and "Jeepers" - you know the kind.




Describe your ~vibe~ in three words.

Angus: Glittery Golden Vomit.

Somebody described us as that a while ago, and I’m not letting go of it!


Tell us about the inspo behind your new song, ‘Sardines’.

Stefan: hooooey!

I think in general, I was just sick of a lot of things, lyrically it’s just a list of what I hate. Egos, sardines (the oily fish), crowded clubs etc etc. Sonically, I also wanted to incorporate sounds that I thought were crass, i.e. trashy Garageband synths. We sampled Angus opening a can of sardines in it, and a lot of the guitars are terrible DI plugins. Ultimately, I think it kind of resonates around the idea that, knowing what you hate is important as you can use it as a reference point for how you’d like to act instead.


Moreover, you wouldn’t recognize the day without the night sorta dichotomy, ya know?


Talk us through your morning routine.


7:00am - Perform 3 Ariel twists to activate the body.

7:20am - Hit the saunas.
8:00am - Crack a cold can of crispy cola, and chug it.
8:20am - Hit the fricking surf (da beach), swim trunks always a quarter inch above the knee.
9:30am - Ease into a hammock.



 Image by: @fenj_


How do you keep your creative tank filled?


This is an easy one, simply hit up your local servo. Pick up a shake & dog as well while I’m at it from Wendy’s. Wait, they’ve changed owners there I reckon, what’s it called now?


Ahhh, anyhow, always listen to music, all kinds of music, I put on jazz & classical a lot because a) it feels like I’m in a movie, & b) sometimes you can hear too much of the same pop, indie, lo-fi recyclables on the radio, and it’s super refreshing just shutting all that noise off for a bit, kinda like a restart?

Also, try not to overload yourself, but also, I always overload myself – so I dunno. I think these are some burning hot tips.


If you could support any band/artist in the world, who would it be?



Ohhhhhhhh that's such a toughie, jeepers! I’m going to pick three instead!

1. Arctic Monkeys

2. OutKast
3. Frank Ocean


What’s the best thing about your home town?

Angus: Everybody knows everybody. It’s also the worst thing about our home town.  


What’s the last thing that made you angry?

Stefan: I’m eerily similar to the hulk, in that, I’m always angry. Naaah, I think it was traffic or something – I have feeble road rage. 


When was the last time you felt proud of yourself?

Stefan: It was Moe’s Dog & Shake, that’s what they changed the name to. That was bugging the hell out of me all day.


(Editor's note: I imagine this is Stefan's way of saying that the last time he felt proud of himself was when, after an entire day had passed, he remembered the name of a fast food chain).


 Image: Instagram


Tell us about one of your most memorable gigs.

Angus: Oh Yes! Festival was mad fun with Duke Dumont & all of them, also we’ve had a  heap of huge sell out shows, playing with Northeast Party House, and a few others, those were wild!!


What can’t you get enough of at the moment?

Angus: Nordburger, I’m obsessed with trashy Western meals at the mo. Carbs & cheese bbi!
Also, Steve Lacy – man’s a fricking gem!

What’s your spirit animal?

Stefan: Definitely a dog, I’m super stoked all of the time, and I’m toilet trained.


Quickie Round


Shot of coffee or a shot of tequila?

Stefan: Tequila


Late night or early morning?

Angus: I’d like to say early morning, but 100% late night haha.


Fold or scrunch?


Stefan: Scrunch 4 sure! Who’s got thyme to fold???

Read a book or watch a movie?

Angus: I wish I read more, but I don’t. Movie night!!


Never drink another drop of alcohol or never kiss the lips of another person again?
Stefan: Probably kick the booze, drinking is overrated anyhow.


Love y’all!
xoxoxoxox  (Editor's note: Luv u 2 bois).


The Montreals is made up by Angus Crawford - Guitar/ Vocals, Graham Cochran - Drums, Lachlan Billows - Bass and Stefan Athanasov - Guitar/Vocals.





Images: @themontreals 



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