Twenty Something Questions with Scott Helman

February 6, 2018

Up and coming Canadian muso-man, Scott Helman, has been tirelessly pursuing his music goals since he was 15-years-old. Seven years on and he's had a platinum certified single, earned two Juno nominations, toured the U.S. and Europe and performed to massive TV audiences at the 2015 MMVAs and 2016 Juno awards. However, the highlight of his career, in our humble opinion, will be when he visits our sunburnt shores for the first time later this month to perform two intimate gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.


We spoke with Helman about what he's expecting from his Aussie tour (funny, kind & drunk yobbos it seems) and asked him to elaborate on his fixation with racoons. We also hear about this new single, PDA, and he tells us about the best song to listen to when you're making fajitas.





Describe your aesthetic in just three words. 


You tell me. 


You’re in an elevator with a stranger and you have one floor left to describe your ~sound~ to them, what do you say? 


Here's my CD :) 


Tell us a little bit about your new song PDA. What's the story behind it? 


My girlfriend was living in another city and she came to visit me for a weekend. We had a great time and I was accompanying her back to the train station to go home to Montreal. Unfortunately we were late, and the whole thing was rushed, and I didn’t really get a chance to say goodbye, and all of a sudden she was rolling away. I got on the subway to go back home, and penned a poem about the frustration I felt. With the help of Simon Wilcox, Tawgs Salter and Ron Lopata, that poem turned into the song PDA.  


You’re performing at Oxford Art Factory on Valentine’s Day, how romantic. Tell us about what your ultimate date would consist of. 


So excited for that show! Perfect date: Roaming a new city with no destination in mind.  


So, this is your first time performing on our sandy shores. What are you first impressions of Australia? 


I've met a lot of Australians on my travels, and they're usually funny, sometimes drunk, and always kind. Very excited to visit :) 


What’s the most ‘Australian’ sentence you can think of? (P.S You can’t say “throw another shrimp on the barbie.”) 


Tie up your dingo and let's head to Macca’s mate! 


What’s something that you spend more money on than you should? 


Music gear. I have waaaaay too many guitars. 




What’s the last big mistake that you made and what did you learn from it? 


I bit my tongue reeeeallly hard, and I learned I should probably eat with chopsticks at all times. 


What’s your favourite thing about Canada? 


 The diversity. 


What’s your go-to Tim Hortons order? 


Coffee, 1 cream 1 sugar. 


You’re a racoon enthusiast, tell us more…. 


Racoons are the punk rockers of the animal kingdom. The anarchists of the food chain. They eat garbage to survive, they roam the urban landscape as outsiders, and they scare people when in fact they're cuter than babies. What's not to love? 





You’re a 22-year-old human. What advice would you offer to your 12-year-old self and where do you hope to be when you’re 32? 


Advice: be patient. Where I hope to be: in a studio with my friends making music that I love. 



"I've met a lot of Australians on my travels, and they're usually funny, sometimes drunk, and always kind."



Fold or scrunch? 




What’s your spirit animal? 


That's obvious. 


What’s the last song that made your heart thump?


I had a dream last night that there was this guy who was a horrible person and I had to break into his house to get evidence, but then when I got inside I realized he was just a regular guy and this beautiful song was playing in the background and it made me tear up but I don't know what the song was and it will pain me for eternity. 




A shot of coffee or a shot of tequila? 


Tequila. Silver.  


Early morning or late night? 


Late night. 


Best song(s) to cry yourself to sleep to: 


Lover You Should've Come Over – Jeff Buckley. 

Re: Stacks – Bon Iver 

Anything by Neck Deep. 


Best song to listen to when you’re feelin’ sexy: 


What's Luv? – Fat Joe 


Best song to cook fajitas to: 


Blue Moon - René Touzet 





Australian tour dates


Wednesday 14 February – Oxford Arts Factory Gallery, Sydney - BUY TICKETS HERE.


Friday 16 February – The Toff, Melbourne - BUY TICKETS HERE.



 Follow Scott on Instagram, Facebook, check out his website and buy his tunes here.


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