20 Films Turning 20 This Year

November 14, 2017



Um, guys… It’s 2017. And in less than two months, it’ll be 2018. Yep, TWO months. That's eight weeks. It's freakin' insane.



On top of that (just to add to the trauma) there’s a whole bunch of your favourite flicks turning twenty this year. Which means if you remember watching these films like it was yesterday and can recite any of their lines by heart, then you’re potentially over the big 2-0 yourself. Congrats!


So…ready to feel old AF? Let’s get to it!


1. Selena – March 21, 1997


This 90s biopic documented the life and tragic death of bright, young singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez. It was also the film that made people sit up and notice J-Lo as a serious actress. Like yeah, we all knew she had an amazing voice, but this film was the first of many to showcase the girl’s serious acting chops. Jennifer Loepz was a huge fan of the Mexican singer and, determined to do her memory justice, she even lived with Selena’s family while prepping for the role.




2. My Best Friend’s Wedding – June 20, 1997


Just in case you weren’t already in love with Julia Roberts, you totally would be after watching. She plays a sassy, witty, successful woman whose (male) best friend is about to get married. Only problem is, she’s madly in love with him. The crazy, stupid things she does are oh-so relatable and the movie’s worth watching just for those brick-like cell phones alone.




3. I Know What You Did Last Summer – October 17, 1997



This would legitimately be the film that encapsulates what the horror genre was all about in the 90s. Fresh, baby-faced teens fleeing masked murderers that wear conspicuous hooks instead of hands. Oh and spoiler alert, the ugly ones always die first. Watching Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar dashing about with their impossibly small midriffs on show was a joy. P.S. Ryan Philippe and Freddie Prinze Jr. = SWOON.




4. Men In Black – July 2, 1997


Who knew a film about a secret squad of alien po-po would grow to be so iconic? Lovers of the film know that Will Smith killed the part, but not many know he initially wanted to turn down the role, before Jada Pinkett-Smith (his miso) talked him into it. We’re stoked that she did, thanks for contributing to a 90s classic J!





5. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – May 2, 1997



At first glance, the concept of Austin Powers doesn’t make any sense at all. A cryogenically defrosted spy is dropped into a decade he knows nothing about and manages to stumble through and achieve his mission with a witty one-liner at every turn. I mean, the script wouldn’t have looked any better on paper but by some miracle, director Jay Roach thought it would be worth a $17,000,000 budget and went to town. And now, all of us recognise Mike Myers’ super awkward dance moves and his pronunciation of “evil” as “eeeeevil.” Goes to show that we should never judge a script by its cover (or its entire nonsensical contents).


6. Hercules – June 13, 1997


90s kids will vividly remember Disney’s portrayal of the famous Greek hero Hercules (though that’s actually the Roman translation of his name, but whatevs). On his quest to return to Mount Olympus and reclaim his rightful place beside his father Zeus, Hercules’ adventures are nothing short of hilarious and deliver all the satire, cross-referencing and adult humour that Disney films are known for.



7.Good Will Hunting – December 5, 1997


For most people, watching Matt Damon find his way in life was pretty much life-changing for them too. The film started off as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s love-child but once Robin Williams agreed to star in it, a masterpiece was officially in the making. If you haven’t seen it already, this one’s a must-watch.




8. Titanic – December 19, 1997


It was epic, wasn’t it? So epic that we’ve been LITERALLY trying to recreate that flying pose, any time we’ve found ourselves on a boat since 1997. And I don’t care what anybody says, there was more than enough room for two people on that damn piece of whatever the hell they were floating on. Bitch please, Rose! #teamjackforever.





9. Life Is Beautiful – December 20, 1997


There’s something so beautiful (yet tragic) about a Jewish father trying to shield his son from the horrors of a war-torn world, one in which they are the victims. People couldn’t help but fall in love with this fresh take on the war, focusing on a father simply trying to preserve his son’s innocence. No wonder it cleared $225 million at the box office internationally.



10. The Lost World: Jurassic Park – May 23, 1997


This may be the longest film but if you’ve watched one, you’ve basically watched all of them. 129 minutes later… You know how it goes: people want to learn about dinosaurs; dinosaurs try and eat people; people learn their lesson and keep the T-Rex from destroying the world. Still, this was pretty rad 20 years ago…



11. Batman and Robin – June 20, 1997


Remember when George Clooney was Batman?! Yeah, that actually happened. Like, legit. And Arnold Schwarzenegger suited up as Mr. Freeze. You’ll hardly believe it even happened until you re-watch it. And once you realise Alicia Silverstone got all skin-tight and shmexy as Batgirl, you may just stick around.




12. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion – 22 May, 1997

This one has a healthy dose of humour and 90s nostalgia all rolled into one. People who love this film do so for two reasons:

  1. It reminds them of how sucky their high school reunion was so they like to live vicariously through this one instead or,

  2. They're just die-hard Friends fans and like to imagine that this was how Phoebe's life played out before she met the gang, instead of the rough and tumble street life that she often recounts.

That is all.



13. Bean – 7 November, 1997


Just in case no one can ever tell the difference between the 20 million Mr. Bean movies that have been made, this 1997 gem is the one where he travels to America and must deliver a highly valuable painting to an LA museum. This film was actually the first movie to gross $100 million before being released in the US. Kinda impressive.



14. George of the Jungle – July 16, 1997


Not Brendan Fraser’s greatest moment but hey, the boy can definitely rock a loin cloth. If nothing else, this film set the standards for kids’ tree houses incredibly high. Our parents must’ve hated George, the jungle and his stupid ass tree house with its automatic juicer, elevator and comfy hammocks. Like, why lie to the kids like that?




15. Space Jam – March 21, 1997


When basketball legends and Looney Tunes collide, you get Space Jam. It’s one of those films that we loved at face value when we were kids, but it’s almost like watching a whole new film as an adult. Not only was it the first time Bugs Bunny had a love interest (Lola Bunny), but it was also full of hidden innuendos, from jabs at Disney to mentions of Michael Jordan’s endorsement deals. Get ready to jam!



16. Romeo and Juliet – March 28, 1997


20 years on and our hearts still can’t take the feels you get from this movie. Angelic Claire Danes and a baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio = a match made in remake heaven. Baz Luhrmann took an out-dated classic and made it relatable for a whole new generation, letting them fall in love with the story. Fun fact: Claire and Leo’s very first scene they ever shot together was the topless ‘morning after their passionate sleepover’ scene. Awkies! Also, the sound track for this film is the bomb!



17. Anaconda – April 11, 1997


Before Snakes on a Plane, we had snakes in the Amazonian jungle. Giant ones. That wanted to bite Jennifer Lopez on the butt in every second scene. Considering a lot of this film relied on CGI – which cost $100k a second to operate – the actors actually spent most of their time falling over and scrambling away from nothing.




18. Flubber – November 26, 1997


Robin Williams gives this movie all its appeal, playing a scatterbrained professor who discovers a rubbery, bouncy substance that develops a mind of its own, Flubber. The science references are also worth a mention, or maybe I’m just a bit geeky? Anyway, this is a 10/10 film.



19. Pippi Longstocking – August 22, 1997


Pippi’s adventures with her horse, her monkey and two other human friends were so farfetched you couldn’t help but laugh. She was as sassy and confident as you’d hope (doing gingers everywhere proud!)




20. Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin – August 5, 1997


Besties Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin were #BFFgoals back in the day, and this movie pretty much encapsulates that. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in all the drama of a ‘Pooh-Bear-and-friends’ rescue mission. And yes, we totally loved this little bear… even though his namesake was a turd. We don’t judge.


Now that we've filled your nostalgia tank to the brim, go forth and relive your 90s favourites to celebrate their 20th birthday!




Adrianna Zappavinga is a 20-something year old journalism graduate who is never seen wandering the streets of Sydney sans coffee in hand. A self-confessed sugar addict, she is a lover of sweet treats, sweet words and even sweeter fashion finds. When she isn't hitting the gym or buried in a horror film of some sort, you'll definitely find her Instagramming. You can lurk her @adri_zapp.


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