Review: Nina Oyama Needs A Lift

September 29, 2017

The worst part of my experience of Nina Oyama's gig at the Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival 'Nina Oyama Needs A Lift' was that I didn't go to the toilet before taking my seat because I nearly pissed myself laughing on at least three occasions.



Nina (main cast in ABC's Utopia) is a funny, quippy twenty-something comedian who lives her life between Sydney (her home town) and Bathurst (her home away from home/ the place that she narrowly managed to get through her degree and come out the other end mildly unscathed). I can say this because I too am a fellow Bathurst grad and I know exactly how fucked the whole experience was (in a good way); although unlike Nina I never 'did meth', so I'm not sure if I ever really had a truly authentic experience?


"Living life in the fast lane certainly does have its consequences, especially when you're on your red Ps."


Nina Oyama Needs A Lift is an hour long comedy stint about all of the driving offences that Nina has ever received, of which there are many, and the hilarious, and at times heartbreaking, stories that align with these offences. From following in her father's footsteps and becoming a taxi driver for the day, to the aforementioned meth experience, which unfortunately didn't land her a "creepy meth boyfriend' to dating a sociopathic 19-year-old child actor, Nina's routine had it all. 



As a fellow CSU grad, I could appreciate a lot of the Bathurst related content that she was throwing to the audience: jokes about what shithole the central west is, recounts of our former week long benders and my personal favourite, a potentially truthful anecdote about Andrew Denton graffitiing profanities across the campus in the name of res pride. 


I would highly recommend checking out Nina's final show at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville tonight if you're after a good old belly laugh. It surely pulled me out of my Thursday afternoon funk and what better way to start the long weekend than with a lil bit of comedy?


You can still book tickets here for Nina's final performance tonight!


To keep up to date with Nina's happenings, you can follow her on Facebook here.




Kate Neilson is the founding editor of Twenty Something Humans. She is a list maker and a booty shaker. She can be lurked at @katiepotatierose.



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