Podcast: Show notes for Episode #1

August 13, 2017



Intro: Michael Forno introduces Twenty Something Minutes, produced by Twenty Something Humans. For our inaugural episode uncover the dirty and delightful sexual lives of twenty-somethings. Important note: 90% of this podcast is most definitely not safe for work, listen responsibly.


Act I – Ginwags. We asked a bunch of twenty-somethings to submit some questions to their peers and we took the best of the best to the pub with us on a Friday evening. After a few too many cheap wines we mustered up the courage to approach strangers and ask them super personal questions about their sex lives. Surprisingly they were more than happy to share, some were a little too happy to share. We covered everything from oral sex, nude pics, sexual health and something called twirling, which we’re still unsure about.


Link: Damp Lips- Twirling (Note: This link contains pornographic material).


Link: Sexual Health Australia


With special thanks to Maddi, Daniel, Adelaide, Blake, Billy, Matt and all the loose cannons at The Loft at UTS.


Act II – Amy*, the founding editor of a sex-ed website, was kind enough to write a piece for our podcast about her experiences maintaining a sexual relationship with her partner while she was living overseas. Amy’s piece is a powerful reflection of her own experiences with sex. Important note: this segment contains mentions sexual abuse so if this is something you’d prefer not to listen to you can skip from 12:20 to 18:15. We’d like to thank Amy for sharing her story with us.


*Not her real name.


Link: Click here for links to sexual assault services throughout Australia.


Act III – Kate Neilson speaks with twenty somethings about their experiences with ghosting. Note: ghosting is a term used to describe people that ignore you without any explanation as to why, following sex, a date or intimacy of some kind.


Link: Extended conversation between Sarah and Sahra. Duration: 25 minutes.


With special thanks to Gill, Sarah, Sahra, Bianca and Shannen.


All tunes, unless otherwise stated, were sourced from the web and used under creative commons.

Tunes by order of appearance.


Broken - Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz

Sexy - Ben Sound

Tomie’s Bubbles - Candlegravity

Povo Que Caís Descalço - Dead Combo


To listen to episode one of our podcast, click here, or head to our PODCAST tab.





Michael Forno is the brains behind the Twenty Something Minutes podcast. He put this bad boy together with his own two hands, spending hours editing a whole bunch of smut for your listening pleasure. Carrying his mic with him wherever he goes, Michael is always at the ready to capture a tale of severe public embarrassment or sexual misfortune. You can follow him @mjforno.








Kate Neilson is the full-time shit talker behind the Twenty Something Minutes podcast. She spent most of the production time getting really drunk and telling Michael her deepest secrets while he secretly recorded her for content. She also bugged a bunch of strangers to reveal intimate details of their sex lives to her. Surprisingly, it worked! You can follow her @katiepotatierose.



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