Getting to know Ginger & The Ghost

August 11, 2017


Folky-pop duo Ginger & The Ghost (Missy Gilbert & Daniel Bourne) have recently launched their new single Kindred Spirits and to commemorate Missy had a little chin-wag with Twenty Something Humans about the inspiration behind the tune, her dreamy morning routine and the importance of getting in touch with nature.


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How did you guys get into the music game and what’s the story behind the name Ginger and The Ghost?


I started jamming with a house full of DJs in London and lead into writing for dance electronic acts and doing feature vocals. Daniel had a solo thing happening but we started writing together when I was about to embark on producing an album of my own. The name came naturally whilst writing the first tracks, it felt like a story of folklore, some kind of tale.


Your new single, Kindred Spirits, is very funky and cool. What’s the inspiration behind it?


Thanks! It's inspired by the powerful connections between humans.  The ones that pop out from the rest. A moment of lightning when you meet someone and you realise maybe you've done this before, or you feel like they know you already. Finding a kindred spirit is surprising and it's a celebration of that. We love ceremonial ancient sounds so there's a lot of lush warm instruments and samples that reflect that. 


It seems that the visual aspects play a huge role in the work that you produce. How did you come up with the visual idea for Kindred Spirits?


The visual aspects come pretty organically. I had an idea to use mirrors on the faces of the performers and the message would become clear that you are a reflection in other people's faces. Also, I loved the idea of reflecting the beauty of nature, so we remember how precious it is. The costume design came after finding the right locations.  


We found a burnt banksia forest with charcoal soot and harsh branch shapes. The ocean and majestic cliff faces at Maroubra beach with smooth sandstone form beaten and shaped by the water. The deep dense Australian forest with its life force, the waterfalls. Incredible delicate and intricate caves that grow over millions of years. We shot in the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves which are a sanctuary for us near our home. I worked with our dear friend and constant inspiration @Appetitefordecoration researching and developing a response to the locations through design and styling.  


 Image: Instagram @gingerandtheghost


How do you fuel yourself creatively?


It always comes back to nature; living creatures fascinate us! We're also inspired by astrology, astronomy, anthropology, global ceremony and ritual and pop culture.  


Do you have a morning routine? If so, what is it?


I usually swim laps if I can find an ocean. I'll have good food, water my plants and feed our furry baby Motor (a cat). I love to move around our treasured objects and create little shrines all over our studio. 


What advice would you offer to young people who want to pursue their creative passions but aren't quite sure how to get started?


Just start, make things for the sake of making. Create for pure reasons not success. If you have an idea jump into that before you lose momentum or motivation because the fire of that idea will pass and someone else will take it.  A really amazing book to read is BIG MAGIC (creative living beyond fear) by Elizabeth Gilbert; it's a mind blower. 


 Image: Instagram @gingerandtheghost


What’s the best and worst part of touring?


We've played in castles, fortified towns, in old school yards, on islands and barns. The best parts are growing and connecting with new fans and new friends. The worst.... I don't think there is anything. We are grateful for every experience we have, even the gritty hard travel parts in between.  


Speed Round


Favourite post gig feed? Water water water and more water 

Best musical era? Now 

Best song to get sexy to? Pony by Genuine 

Best way to indulge in your own sadness? Writing and solitude 

What’s the best feeling in the world? Excitement (Missy) Euphoria (Daniel) 


To keep tabs on these guys you can follow them on IG, Facebook or check out their tunes on Soundcloud.



Kate Neilson is a list maker and a booty shaker. She likes tea in bed and gin in her tonic. She is the creator of Twenty Something Humans and can be lurked @katiepotatierose.



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