Things that'll make your friends think UR ~environmental ~ but will also help to save the earth

June 6, 2017

Ah my precious twenty-somethings. I get it. You’re all hustling to get your foot in the door. Waking up at the crack of dawn, smashing some avo to fill the existential crisis welling up deep within. On your way to work, you’re often found contemplating whether you should spend that extra $4.50 on a small soy latte from that lil’ place next to the station in an attempt to shake off that ‘fuck you, it’s 7am’ mentality. Also, let’s not forget that it’s a little bit trendy to walk through the doors of your workplace with your sunnies on, latte in hand. You’ve got to keep up that aesthetic somehow and it can be super dooper expensive and exhausting.


                                                                                                                                  Images: @keepcup

But oh boy do I have a solution for you!

Despite being constantly degraded and shat on by older generations, we work so fucking hard to promote change. So hard that that it's often intermixed with our sense of self. We have become a generation that promotes love and caring for all beings; our earth included. In doing so, the image of someone who cares has become synonymous with being cool. I’m talking about those guys and gals sitting on their MacBook in a cafe, sipping on a keep-cup whilst toting a shirt that says ‘no need for meat’ with a dot-work mandala tattoo poking out from under their sleeve. It’s a one- way ticket to cool town.

But look, sometimes we all don’t have the same priorities and that’s totally okay. There are still ways to appear like you’re a passionate environmentalist, even though you have never seen Cowspiracy.

So without further adieu, this is part one of the TSH sustainability series. Looking at ways that you can totally help the environment and keep up your rep at the same time.

For today’s sustainability image secret...


Yes, it’s everywhere. Especially after Craig Reucassel's ABC show War On Waste, people are becoming more and more aware of the effects of disposable coffee cups on the environment. Those bad boys aren’t technically recyclable due to the layer of plastic in-between the paper lining.



As the culture surrounding coffee has changed from standing at a tall table sipping on a short black to a ‘take away long black with froth and chocolate powder so it feels like I’m drinking a cappuccino’, the impact has been strongly felt by our environment as take-away cups from McCafe and Gloria Jeans slowly but surely fill up our landfill. It’s a downer but it’s true.

However, we can help the issue by buying a Keep Cup and the best part is they’re super fucking cute! If you head to the Keep Cup website, you can choose from a bunch of different branded styles like Star Wars or Sea Shepard (if you’re looking for extra environmentalist cool-points), or you can even design your own for as little as $12. Keep Cup is stylish and made from silicone so it’s easy to clean after each use. But hey, you don’t need to buy anything - just bring your own cup!



Also, did I mention that most cafes offer a discount for people who bring their own cups? If McDonald’s is on the bandwagon, with a 50c discount for each keep-cup coffee, then I’m sure you could bargain that trendy place at the station into it by saying: "But bro, don’t you care about the environment?"





Laura is a 21-year-old Italian grandmother who likes coffee, going to bed early and snapchat filters. Follow her on Instagram @laurajmasia.



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