International Women's Day: highlighting the women that we love

March 8, 2017

Here at Twenty Something Humans we are all about celebrating kick-arse, go-getting, creative women and we thought, to mark International Women’s Day, that we would take you back to some of our favourite interviews, with aforementioned kick-arse, go-getting females from around the globe, just in case you missed any of their brilliant pearls of wisdom, hilarious tidbits or fascinating stories.


Happy IWD Humans! Give a wonderful woman in your life a hug, flower, compliment via text message, kiss on the lips, slice of cake, beer, handful of glitter, pug dog, bowl of mashed potato or anything else fun and exciting because she deserves it.






Erika Lust – Female Pornographer - Barcelona, Spain.


We first interviewed Erika around the time that we launched in March 2016 and she opened our eyes to some pretty interesting thoughts around women in the pornography industry. She says that the industry is dominated by men making porn for other men and she encourages the cycle to be broken by introducing more women into the porn industry as directors, film makers, actors and everything in between.




“I work with an almost entire team of women who are hard-working, professional and creative in their approach to sex and portraying it through film. That way every film has sexual liberation and equality at it's roots."


“I live by the motto: The sex can stay dirty, but the values must be clean!”


“What we try to do at Lust Films is to add more realistic, happy sex to erotic film-making…and try to be a force for sex-positive thinking.”



Click here to read our full interview with Erika.


Click here to read Erika's 'Fill in the blanks' quiz.




Jessica Cerro (Montaigne) - Musician - Sydney Australia.


Montaigne spoke to us in March 2016 about the EP Life Of Montaigne, told us a little about her penchant to blend "dark and depressing" subject matters with light and 'poppy' rhythms and explained where the name 'Montaigne' came from. 


"I’ve always been open about almost everything in my life so it kinda just amplifies tenfold in music because it feels safer to reveal personal stuff about myself in songs."


Read Montaigne's full interview here.





Arabella Peterson – Editor in Chief at The Ladies Network - Sydney, Australia.


The Ladies Network is a Sydney based collective that celebrates women in the arts and over their very short life span they have already amassed a following of over 13,000 people on FB and 34.5K on IG - that's pretty darn impressive. We spoke to the editor in chief, Arabella Peterson, about how TLN took off, why it's important to challenge the 'boys-club' nature of the art world and what the collective aims to do at its very core.


“Something that we noticed within the art world and among people we knew was that all our talented and creative female friends downplayed their skills and were reluctant to show anyone their work." 


"There are so many dudes who have the confidence to put on solo shows and really promote their work, which is fantastic because they are very talented, but women with the same level of skill and experience often aren’t even willing to label themselves an artist let alone put on a solo show.”


Read our full interview with Arabella here.



Lorelei Vashti – Writer - Brisbane, Australia.



We were very excited to have a chat with Lorelei Vashti about her memoir Dress, Memory, in which she recounts her tumultuous twenties through the clothes that she wore. It’s gritty, raw and an absolute must read for those who are still figuring their shit out.


Lorelei offered us some great advice, took us through her creative process and told us what's next for her.


"I would say that everyone has an interesting story, no matter what their age. I have a ten-year-old nephew, and I would love to read his memoir! It’s pretty snobbish to discount someone on account of their age no matter what you’re talking about, and I’ve always rejected that idea. I think that if a story is interesting and relatable and well told then it deserves to be heard."



Read our full interview with with Lorelei here.





Melissa Broader – Writer, America.


We were lucky to be able to feature an excerpt from Melissa Broader’s So Sad Today an absolutely gripping and confronting book around the realities of mental health, addiction and piecing yourself together with nicotine gum.


The chapter that we featured was around the idea of falling in love with a stranger to fill a void within yourself. We would highly recommend this book, especially to gain some perspective.


"You take a living, breathing human being and try to stuff them into the insatiable holes inside you. These holes are in no way shaped like that person (or any person). But you believe that this fantasy person will fill you, because he or she possesses all the imaginary qualities you seek in a lover. And how do you know that he or she possesses all of these qualities? You put them there."



Read the excerpt from So Sad Today here.


Read up on Melissa at her website.





Michelle Law – Writer-  Brisbane, Australia


We just absolutely love this woman. She’s witty, funny and a little bit kooky. Everything we like in a human. It was a pleasure getting to know her a little better. She took us through her writing process, told us of those who inspire her and played a little game of "If you were a ___ what would you be and why?


"Seeing other people’s incredible work fuels me; whether it’s a great story, album or drawing. It inspires me to get my butt into gear and keep working to improve my own craft. A lot of the time I’m also fuelled by anger. Much of my work is political, whether I intend it to be or not, and I often create things as a response and an attempt to counteract some of the problematic things I see and experience."


Read our full interview with Michelle Law here.




Tara Kenny - Online Editor, Ladies of Leisure – Melbourne, Australia.


Tara Kenny is the online editor for Melbourne based girl gang and creative-collective The Ladies of Leisure. We had a chat with her in August 2016 about what LOL is all about, why supporting female creatives is fucking important and a little bit about a brick layer turned psychic named Trevor.


"In a small town like Melbourne it can feel exposing and scary to attempt something that might fail, but how the hell are we meant to improve and learn without risk and vulnerability? If it’s shit, next time it might not be. Plus, who cares?"



Read our full interview with Tara Kenny here.





Madeleine Dore - Writer - Melbourne, Australia


We were absolutely fascinated to stumble upon Madeleine Dore's Extraordinary Routines website: a project dedicated to interviewing creatives such as Lisa Mitchell, Zoe Foster-Blake and Frances Canon in minute detail about their creative process.


Madeleine told us about the strange routines of some historical figures that she uncovered during her research process and shares her own experiments around trying to create her own routine.


"I find interviewing local creatives really rewarding because you are familiar with the places they visit and their community. But if I had a wishlist for the rich and famous, I’d have to say Barack Obama and Beyoncé would be close to the top – I’d be particularly interested to know what they delegate and the day to day tasks they deal with themselves, and if they ever switch off!"


Read our full interview with Madeleine here.





Tilly Lawless - Sex Worker - Sydney, Australia


We recently got to learn a little more about Sydney based sex worker, Tilly Lawless who told us about why she got into the industry in the first place, what the 'whorearchy' is all about and where she would like to see the sex work industry in ten years time.


"I think that we are on the cusp, or perhaps in the midst, of a burgeoning international sex worker rights movement, where these things are being talked about more than they ever have before."


We also highlighted an essay that Tilly wrote for a Karen Pickering's 'Doing It' - a book based around the positive sex experiences of women. Tilly's section is most definitely worth a read.  


Read our interview with Tilly here.


Read Tilly’s excerpt from Doing It here.




Lisa Mitchell – Artist, Sydney – Australia


We were so psyched to recently feature a Q&A with Lisa Mitchell who talks to us about her newest album Warriors, her foray into sustainable living and how she maintains her creativity.


"I have been experimenting with eating and buying only plant-based food and products (e.g. no leather) and it has lasted about 2 years now; but I have just started eating eggs if they're local and organic.


I didn't want to eat [eggs] for ages because I don't eat my own menstrual blood, so why would I eat a chicken’s? Maybe I should just eat my menstrual blood instead of eating eggs again."


Read our full interview with Lisa here.



We were also excited to have a chat with some fantastic female artists, both international and Australian based, including:






German based photographer, Annika Weertz. Read our Q&A with Annika here.












Melbourne based photographer Tasha Tylee. Read our Q&A with Tasha here. 








Newcastle based artist Ashlee Jedrzejak. Read our Q&A with Ashlee here.












Our very own TSH photography contributor, Alex Jack. Read our Q&A with Alex here.











..and Newcastle based artist, Silje Soldal. Read our profile of Silje here.





We look forward to highlighting many more female creatives moving forward and are always interested in hearing your thoughts on what you'd like to see.


Send us an e-mail at if you'd like to put someone cool & awesome forward for an interview or if you're a cool and awesome person yourself (of course you are) then send us a line and show us what ya got.







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