A Case of the Final Year Blues

February 26, 2017

So you’ve just spent the last three months moping around the house, watching re-runs of Friends whilst filling yourself with existential dread about your future and now it’s time to go back to uni. You’re probably busy packing your belongings, retrieving those stale textbooks that have inhabited the dark depths of your wardrobe and collecting a bunch of polaroids and magazine clippings to give your dorm room that #studentaesthetic. You’re excited (mostly) and ready for the year ahead. Then, it suddenly dawns on you…this is the FINAL TIME that you will ever be going back to university.


**cue existential dread**



Reality sets in - you only have one more year to call yourself a “student” and one more chance to ride the wave of student perks (wield the force of discounts while you can). Heart quickening, lump in throat forming, desperately gasping for air – all the usual symptoms.


At this moment, you’re finding it hard to calculate the average speed in which the past 3 years have vanished, wishing you studied physics so you actually knew how to figure it out.


Now, that feeling of uneasiness is developing in the pit of your stomach, as you come to terms with the looming responsibility soon to be bestowed upon you as you become a qualified human being. Soon, you’ll be considered a proper adult, doing adult things: “How can this be, I’m still a child for goodness sake!” you scream with fists raised.


Then, it hits, the terrifying realisation that you’re about to inflict days of late night cramming, hours of tedious readings and thousands upon thousands of words onto yourself -  and lest we forget those dreaded exams! Of course, firstly you’ll have to try and remember where on earth the library is located on campus (a map, a pith hat, and a keen sense of adventure maybe required). Can you hear that? That’s the sound of dread calling you from afar. It’s mocking you, luring you into a false sense of security, only to spit you out whole with less on your confidence and only one of your shoes.


This is before we’ve even considered the anxiety riddling experience of having to meet new people.


In order to be A-OK you just need to remind yourself that there is still a year’s worth of great parties to be had, and that you get to see your university pals on a daily basis.


Pep talk alert! However wary you are feeling in the heat of this frantic year ahead, relish those little experiences of being snuggled up on the couch with your dormies enjoying some quality banter and watching crappy TV shows that you could never watch at home while still maintaining the respect of your parents, and the larger moments of dressing up, going on day adventures, and having a boogie on the D-floor. Point is, don’t take anything for granted. This is your last chance. GET EXCITED! 


Soon, questions will begin flying at full speed towards you about what you plan to do after graduating – and all you can reply with is: “Survive. I plan and hope to survive.”


At the risk of sounding cheesy, it is at this point I turn to the last scene of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where Hermione, fearing the worst, asks: “It’s all going to change now, isn’t it?”, only to be comforted by Harry placing his hand on her shoulder, and reassuringly saying “yes" - he's always been well beyond his years, that boy!


Gosh. That was gorgonzola ripened for three-years kind of cheesy, please accept my sincerest apologies.  


Cheesy or not, the reassuring reply from Harry rings a certain truth in that we should accept that the end is nigh whether we like it or not. So you may as well look on the bright side (the best side) and enjoy every moment while you can!






Katie Thomas has long been suspect for being the maker of crop-circles due to her professional wheelie skills. She is a major fan of vanilla milkshakes and enjoys gallivanting in the sun. Kate is loving this wonderful thing called ‘life’.



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