Review: Who Gives a Crap?

March 22, 2016

Are you ever sitting on the toilet wiping your hole, or your hoo-haa, or your willy (do boys ever wipe their willy? I've always been curious...) with your everyday 2-ply shit tickets and start thinking to yourself, "surely there is a way that I can hygienically rid myself of excess waste from my downstairs region whilst also doing something to make a worthwhile difference within our global community?" Yeah, we thought as much. That's why we thought it would be a great idea to review one of our favourite products: Who Gives a Crap toilet paper.




Now, you might think that toilet paper can't really make a big difference to the world. To your butt, yes, but not the the entire world! Well, you'd be terribly wrong my friend because that's exactly what Simon, Jehan and Danny are doing. In 2013 these lads launched their first round of 'Who Gives a Crap' toilet paper and have been wiping butts ever since (they're not wiping butts, but their creation is). Simon actually spent 50 hours sitting on a toilet to raise enough money to start the production process. That's a whole lot of magazines and quite a few levels of Candy Crush to get through.


So, this is all well and good you say, but what's that got to do saving the planet? Well, quite a lot actually. You see, these generous lads donate 50% of their profits towards WaterAid which provides toilets to developing nations and also improves sanitation in these regions. So far they've provided toilets to 70,000+ people around the world and that's just the beginning.





Environment- 9/10


If we could we'd give them a solid 10/10 for environmental awareness but that would give the impression that we live in an environmentally perfect world and we surely do not, but these guys are balancing on the precipice of perfection (I also don't want to give them a big head, you know? Sometimes you've gotta make 'em keep working for it).


As listed above, thousands of litres of precious water and luscious trees (those things that help us breathe) have been spared due to the environmentally conscious ways in which these products are produced. That's a big yay from us. But don't worry, just because it's produced from recycled materials this does not mean that it feels like you're rubbing your arse with a stiff piece of bark. Which brings us to...



Feels- 8/10


Now, I know we don't really know each other that well and you might not want to know about how things might feel up against our butt. But you know what, you're the one still reading this so obviously, deep down, you're kind of curious.


WGAC offer two variations of TP, their 'original' and their premium bamboo option.


Bamboo: It's soft. So soft and nice it will make your bum let out a little sigh of relief..."Ahhhhhhhh"...and honestly, if you wanted to (or last night's dinner insists that you do) you could rub that lil thing for hours. You won't be disappointed for splurging on the premium stuff. Your bum is worth it!


Original:  It's not as soft as the bamboo option but it definitely does the trick. It's much like other eco-friendly TP in that it's a little 'grainy' and not as soft as your run-of -the-mill Kleenex brand but choosing WGAC over generic brands will ensure that you have a clean hole and a clean soul.


Durability - 7/10


It's a little more 'crumbly' than other TP but not to a point where you've got a messy sitchu on your hands. We didn't have a problem with the bamboo option but the original wasn't as strong. 


Looks-  9/ 10 


As you can see on their Instagram page  the bright, happy-go-lucky packaging is more than just a fun way to protect your loo roll. They double as fun book covers, a little origami swan, a play thing for your dog, lining for your rabbits cage, clothing for small kids who don't know about fashun or even a cute lil crown...which you'd wear on the thrown (King/Queen of the pooz). We'd like to see some more variety in the packaging, like maybe a whole box of toilet paper wrapped in pictures Kath and Kim's face or something equally as 'True Blue for the Loo', but we're sure they've already thought about that and it's next on their to-poo list.




Humanity- 10/10


We're totally comfortable to give this one a big ole juicy 10/10 because we honestly think that what these guys are doing is truly phenomenal. Who would have thought that something as boring as toilet paper could make such a difference in the world. It's estimated that 40% of the world's population don't have access to proper toilet facilities which leads to a lot of illness and diseases that often cause death. In fact, according to the WGAC stats these diseases kill approximately 1,4000 children under the age of 5 every day.



Why don't you do your part to make the world a little bit better for those who are less fortunate than us? Head to and order your first trial box of 24 rolls for just $40. It'll actually last you forever. In a house of 4 twenty-somethings, we go through maybe 4 or 5 boxes PER YEAR. It's like a never ending supply of toot roll.


If you fall in love (just like we did) you can organise to subscribe to their service and they will automatically drop a box at your door when they think you'd be running low. They may as well pass it through the door as you sit nervously on the toilet with an empty roll hanging next to you (they're that good).



Post updated: 13th June 2018.



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