Albums that define my 20s

December 3, 2016

We asked some of the team at Twenty Something Humans to share their favourite albums with us. It might be something that makes their heart sing, or perhaps revives a sad soul. It might take them on a trip down memory lane or help them to wallow in their sadness and soft pants. They've shuffled their ipods, dusted off their discman and filed through their Spotify playlists to bring you their absolute favourite bangers that remind them of who they are.

















Yuck by Alpine

Alpine's second album, Yuck, is a soundtrack detailing the trials and tribulations of dating another human. This album is quirky and upbeat, recommend that you listen to the whole thing from start to finish if you're in the midst of dealing with a fuckboy/girl. 







Trouble Will Find Me by The National

This album is moody and kind of intense, perfect to pop on after a big day if you feel like indulging in a bit of moody-ness yourself. This album got me through many stressful nights working on my thesis, I  highly recommend (I was very moody). All bangers, listen all the way through for the full effect!  








Evil Friends by Portugal. The Man 

These guys sit more squarely on the indie-rock side of things. Fantastic to put on really loud, so loud that you can't hear yourself singing. Pour yourself a glass of red - you deserve it - then dance & sing, or don't. I especially recommend "Creep in a T-Shirt" and "Sea of Air" and "Modern Jesus". Perfect to put on if you're a bit frustrated, need to 'dance it out' or are just looking for something to drown out your thoughts.














Vacation by Big Scary

Need a good sob-fest? Then Vacation is just your album! This half hour lamentation is a heart breaking yet soothing valium for the soul. Its bittersweet ballads will drag you between euphoria and despair in three and a half minutes of painful bliss. If you’re not in bed sobbing self-indulgently by the end of Vacation then we can only pray that your heartless soul will one day make it to Heaven. This album hurts so damn good. 




Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine

This album sits somewhere between teenage angst and twenty-something political awareness. It’s nifty amalgamation of metal, funk and rap is only outdone by its astute political commentary. This album is perhaps most famous for its rally-cry track, Killing In the Name. Whether you're shitty with your parents or tearing down an oppressive regime ‘fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” resonates deep with one’s inner anarchist. This album is essential listening for any white, privileged, middle class, twenty-something anarch-o-shit I’m running late for my Marxist Feminist Sociology class and just spilled my latte everywhere… No seriously, this album is amazing; give it a listen and WAKE UP! 














Multilove by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This album seriously gives me a soul boner. It never fails to make my heart full. UMO are soothing, quirky and a little off-beat, making them the perfect soundtrack for a scraggily twenty-something like myself. Their lyrics are simple, yet poignant: Loving me could be your fatal flaw, just hanging in and trying to be your, necessary evil…Like, seriously? Isn’t that just such a terribly accurate description of every relationship you’ve suffered through so far?





Paul Kelly's Greatest Hits (Songs from the South) by Paul Kelly


Words can't describe my love for this man. This is, without doubt, my favourite album in the world. This is less of an album that defines my 20s and more of an album that defines my life. Kelly's poetic Aussie drawl and very important storytelling techniques will either kick my nostalgia tank into gear, remembering my childhood, watching Dad sip on a beer as he poked at some sausages on our patio BBQ, or it will send my mind drifting towards the man I might love (When I first met your ma), the road trips I'll take (To Her Door), the parties I will have (Dumb Things) and the lover that I will lose (Winter Coat).




A Seat at the Table by Solange


As much as I am a (Sasha) fierce Beyonce fangirl, Solange is the one who has caught my heart this year will her enchanting album A Seat at the Table. It's just so beautiful. I love the powerful themes of the Black Lives Matter movement that she has woven into this album, it really feels like she’s broken off a piece of her soul and gifted it to us mere mortals.  














Kaleidoscope Dream – Miguel 

This album is single handily responsible for starting a date thinking ‘oh I’ll just kiss him tonight’ to waking up the next morning in an orgasmic trance. This album is perfect for when you’re getting in the mood and you need some inspiration for your bump and grind. It falls somewhere between Usher and The Weeknd but creates a whole new meaning to sex playlist. Alternatively, if you find yourself home alone on a Saturday night with a bottle of red wine watching tragic rom coms, this will make you feel like the sexiest person to ever wear trackpants.



AM – Arctic Monkeys

This album was released in 2013 when I was working shit hours, at a shit hotel, in a shit area of London. I would listen to this album on repeat to and from work. Somehow, it just made everything better. A smooth and sexy bass line with just enough edge to build you up to prepare for rude customers. Plus, the vocals are within an achievable singing range, making you feel like Alex Turner’s slightly more attractive sibling. This album will be your best friend whenever you were having a shit day, make you want to throw on a pair of black jeans, a leather jacket, buy a packet of cigarettes and bee line to the pub for a pint or two.

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