By Anna Wall

August 31, 2016

Dear past Anna,


It’s going to be ok. People keep telling you this will be the best thing you’ve ever done in your life and I promise you they’re right. In fact they might even be under selling it. You will love this more than anything you’ve ever done and become such a better person for it.


Order that passport. Book those flights. Pack that big ass backpack and get on that god damned  plane.


You’re about to say goodbye to an amazing beautiful group of girls who welcomed you into their home at one of the toughest times in your life. They were room-mates who became life long friends. You’re about to leave your amazing family and miss some pretty big events in their lives. I know it’s sad to say goodbye.


You’re about to adventure into the unknown. All alone. A country you’ve never been to will turn into 17 countries you’ve never been to, and alone will turn into the best friends you’ve ever met.


You’ll find yourself sleeping in a tiny Danish train station in the middle of winter at 3am. You’ll be cold but it will be ok.


You’ll end up on a mini bus through the Czech countryside, having snowball fights in a carpark with a fellow Aussie. You’ll think it’s just you and 10 drunk Czech and Polish men embarking into the unknown countryside but there is ALWAYS an Aussie somewhere nearby. It will be ok.


You’ll be bitten on the neck by a man dressed as a vampire in Krakow. You’ll be completely weirded out but strangely enjoy it… it will be ok.

You’ll get drunk and allegedly speak Polish fluently. You will never know what truly happened but it will be ok.


You’ll get stranded in Russia and sleep for hours on Police Station chairs. You’ll ignore language barriers and make friends with a Russian Police officer and he will show you that its going to be ok.

You’ll get drunk in more bars than you ever thought possible and stoned in places you can’t remember. It’ll be great and hilarious and ok.


At the worst of times you’ll want a hug from mum more than anything you’ve ever wanted. You’ll be poor. You’ll be terrified. You won’t understand the language or the currency. You’ll miss flights and buses and think you’re never going to make it through. You’ll cry so much it hurts. 


At the best of times you’ll meet people who give you hope in humanity. You’ll get lost and then find yourself, developing a sense of pride in your own abilities. You’ll learn about different cultures and appreciate people in a way you never have before. You will laugh so much you’ll cry.


At this point in time the future seems like a fucking terrifying place. The last two years have been the best we’ve experienced so far, and the ambiguity of the future is unsettling.


Once again we find ourselves saying goodbye to an incredible group of people who’ll always be a part of our lives. Friends who’ve been there through really tough times and really fucking amazing times. Friends who’ve sat naked in front of bookcases with you, chatting drunken shite into the early hours of the morning. Friends who’ve seen you drunk more times than sober. Friends who’ve shared beds, lounges and tents with. Friends who’ve seen you at your worst and your best, who’ve seen you cry, laugh and vomit simultaneously.


We are about to say goodbye to a city that has been home for two years. Goodbye to the bars and cafes where people know our name. Goodbye to great friends, incredible lovers and amazing acquaintances.


It sucks absolute balls… but it’s going to be ok… Probably.

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