What does an orgasm look like?

October 23, 2016

Orgasms are a unique experience. They can be long, short, breathtaking, unexpected, faked or used as a means to calm an anxious mind. No two Os are really ever the same.


We asked nine creatives to show us what they thought an orgasm might look like, from the act of having one to the little fuzzy critters themselves.



Nikki Farmer, 21, Sydney


Simone Ziaziaris, 22, Sydney


When it comes to orgasming, I can only reflect from a female perspective. I decided to incorporate flowers into the drawing for two reasons; when a flower is nurtured it reaches its upmost potential and beauty. Sex isn't just about 'feeling good' it nurtures the body and mind in so many other unspoken ways.




Kate Neilson, 23, Sydney


I decided to create both the 'act' of orgasming and what I thought a physical orgasm might look like. It's soft and fluffy like a pom-pom, but not just one pom-pom, like a fuck load of poms rolling all over the place. It's colourful, sparkly and unexpected. If it's a really good one, then there is a unicorn too!









Silje Buxton-Soldal, 23, Newcastle

It's pretty literal but my vulva is the key to my own orgasms and I love her! I also think it's just an interesting note to mention how easy it is to make female genitalia looks quite abstract.




Shannen Warzecha, 22, Sydney



Penny Gleeson, 22, Newcastle


Glittery explosions of niceness.



Kate Bath, 22, Central Coast


They're always swirly. Sometimes colourful and they start out small in the centre and then get bigger and bigger.


Rosie Baxendale, 22, Newcastle


 Foxy Cleopatra, 22, Sydney


I can tell when it's coming. I picture it coming from the outside, starting from my toes and working its way upwards into the white, hot centre. This is what it feels like when I have an orgasm by myself and with another person.




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