Artist Profile: Meet Ashlee Jedrzejak

October 23, 2016


Newcastle based artist, Ashlee Jedrzejak, brings the everyday familiarity of the daily grind to life with her quirky, off-beat artworks that transport you into that place in the very back of your mind that's filled with colourful thoughts and memories.


She's been in the art game since she was five, proudly boasting the winner's prize in every colouring-in competition that she entered as a child. She speaks to Twenty Something Humans about her creative process and shares some of her favourite pieces with us.






Tea Party 


How did you develop your style?

I feel as if my style is still developing and I think it will be forever a gradual process, through lots of practice & experimentation. I generally just let things evolve naturally and embrace the transformation. 





What's your favourite art medium to work with at the the moment and why?

I love working with a mish-mash of mediums, particularly a combination of watercolour, fine line pens and colour pencils. I also enjoy painting with acrylics, blending colours and creating lots of layers. I don't like to tie myself down to using one medium, as I feel mixing things up helps keep things interesting and exciting!


 Kitchen Cupboard


What inspires you creatively?

Everyday life and my own personal experiences within it, is predominantly what inspires me to create art.....Nature is also a great inspiration. I enjoy absorbing the colours, sunshine, textures and fresh air around me. This is a great help to provide me with a mental stillness and a stable creative flow. 

What advice would you offer to budding artists?

Hone your skills and experiment. Do things & see what happens!! Practice, practice, practice!!





What's your favourite piece of art that you have made and why do you like it?

That's a hard one, I really don't have a favourite.... I more so enjoy the process and emotional expression rather than the end result. 



One day


Would you like one of these prints to grace your walls? Get in contact with Ashlee to buy your very own print.






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