I hate my degree, WTF do I do now?

October 9, 2016

So you’re not really digging your degree? Join the club sister, we’ve all been there at some point. Whether it’s due to a week of shitty lectures or an assessment that just doesn’t seem relevant to your future career, we’ve all at some point in our lives stared blankly at our computer screen thinking, “What the fuck am I doing with my life?”


Your first thought is to drop out. Naturally. Our generation has come about in a time where there’s a wealth of opportunities at our fingertips, unfortunately this means we don’t shy away from quitting while we’re ahead, because something better is bound to come along, right?


You’ll move back home, get a casual job at your local IGA and live off your weekly pay check until you figure your shit out. For some people this will work out and you’ll be super happy, but remember, you did enrol in a degree for a reason.



I’m a fresher, get me out of here


Let’s talk in real terms now. You’ve only been at uni for a little over two weeks now, so do you really think you’ve had enough time to make a considered choice about your future career?

Maybe it’s not the degree that you hate, maybe it’s the idea of self-motivated learning, or having to cook your own food or moving away from the creature comforts of home into the humble student abode.


You’ve left the warm comforting womb of secondary bliss and have now been birthed into the land of tertiary education, spluttering, pale and unable to stop crying. Now it’s time that you start developing your body parts, wipe the tears from your face and just get on with it.


If you really are hating it, then I suggest you put a deferment on your degree and take that gap year that you’ve always dreamt of. Learn a little about yourself, experience the world and come back to uni as a refreshed, informed and financially independent human.

Second year blues


This is common among most returning students. You had the time of your life last year and now that you’re back for round two, things aren’t looking quite as rosy as they once did. Don’t confuse wanting to drop out with a serious case of FOMO, because they are two very different things.


Hating your degree because it hinders you from downing a beer with the boys isn’t reason enough to quit. If you feel like you’re not intellectually stimulated by your course or that it won’t lead you down the career path that you desire, that’s a different story.


Ask yourself, will this degree benefit me in any way? Could you add some postgrad study onto it that might make it more relevant? If the answer is yes, then keep on keeping on, push through, graduate and take the rest as it comes. If you think that it’s not beneficial, it’s not too late to pull out and do something else. This is normal and common and you’re probably saving yourself a lot of time and money.




Third and fourth year doubts


Oh honey, it’s pretty much too late for you now. If you spent your first and second year in doubt, you probably should have taken Casey Donavan’s advice and “listened to your heart” a year ago. Not to say that you still can’t, but you’ve come this far, even though you’re puffed and heavily asthmatic, you may as well run the last 100 metres to the finish line.


It can be hard to know if you’re disconnected from your course or just run down from the last two or three years. A clear indicator would be work experience and internships. If you’re not actively chasing them, while the rest of your cohort tear at each other’s throats then you’re hearts probably not in it. This doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it doesn’t mean you’re not smart enough, it just means you haven’t found your passion yet.


We’re still in our 20s and it’s not until we’re 30 (still debatable) that we have to have our lives sorted. Take your time, try new things, take risks and put the time and effort into the things that matter. That includes drinking of course.


This article was originally published at hijacked.com

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