Fill in the blanks with: Erika Lust

January 6, 2016

Erika Lust makes pornography with a twist, like when pizzas starting making crust out of meat pies. It's still a pizza, but it has one major difference. It's not fucking awful, (although we have reliable sources that tell us that Pizza Pie is in fact awful, so maybe that was a terrible comparison).



The adult cinema that Erika creates transcends the gender barriers of 'mainstream' porn to bring to light a shared sexual experience that depicts safe, fun and raunchy sex. You'll be carried away with her beautiful cinematography and visual story telling skills while also, if you're feeling frisky, getting off.


We spoke with Erika about her 20s and she kindly agreed to complete our fill in the blanks quiz. What a legend! Cheers to another incredibly talented and cool 'no-longer-a-twenty-something' chicka! 


My favourite year of my 20’s was 2000, because I moved to Barcelona.


If I could go back to twenty something-year-old me I would have enjoyed my body more, and not felt any shame over it. 


If I could offer one piece of advice to people in their twenties today it would be to experiment, be brave.


The biggest risk that I took when I was younger was going to spend a year in France without really knowing the family and school I was going to.


When I’m fifty I hope to be in peace with myself, mindful. 


The Internet was so different to the way it is these days.


I still have close friendships with  4  of the friends that I made in my 20s.


When I was 23 I was insecure about my future career but now I feel successful. 


When I was younger my parents would always say be ahead of your obligations, never behind.


I always hoped to have an exciting job but I never thought that I'd end up doing erotic films.


Three words to describe my 20's would be  fun, sex, and studying. 


In 20 years I can see myself as a young grandmother!




To check out some of Erika's stuff you can visit her site at


Image: Chio Lunaire

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