Chorizo and Fetta Pasta

January 6, 2016

Now this one is a great little meal for the twenty something human because it requires minimal effort for maximum gain and that's what we're all about, right? We've spiced this bad boy up with some seriously trendy black pasta. It may look imtimadating, but we can assure you, it tastes just like the plain-jane regular stuff.


  This makes for the perfect last minute meal when one of your friends invites themselves over for dins (thanks for the warning) or if you feel like cosying up on the couch and treating yourself to a whole television series in one night. No shame, no judgement.


What you'll need:


Chorizo (reccomend one per person) 

Black pasta

A generous handful of fresh basil

Cherry tomatoes 

Half a block of feta cheese (or as much as you like, let's face it, you could easily use the whole block, right?)

1x brown onion

3 tbsp olive oil

A F**k load of ground pepper.


*to all my Vego humans out there, replace the chorizo with haloumi.


How to make it:


Firstly, boil your water and get the pasta on, the rest shouldn't take much longer!


1. Thinly slice onion and sautée in a hot pan until they go all soft and caramelised. Sometimes adding some white wine helps and sometimes drinking a few glasses helps even more.


2. Roughly slice chorizo and cook in a separate pan, remembering to turn every few minutes to avoid burning it. Some people have a gift for burning chorizo (me).


3. Cut cherry tomatoes in half and add to onion mix on a low heat. Cool until soft.


4. Add some of the basil to tomato and onion mixture leaving some to garnish with the feta.


5. Combine all mixtures together and season with all the pepper in the world. No need for salt as the chorizo and fetta are bringing that to the table tonight.


6. Drain pasta and pour olive through collander, coating all the pasta (would also suggest a generous squeeze of lemon).


7. Add pasta to the mix, add some more oil and pepper if needed and serve with feta and fresh basil!


Easy, breezy, beautiful, chorizo pasta!


Photo: Kate Neilson

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