Fill in the blanks with: Benjamin Law

January 6, 2016

Self procliamed neighbourhood Asian, Benjamin Law, has once again tickled our funny bones with his hilarious new series The Family Law, based on his first novel, which SBS aired on our screens in mid-January. Alongside his hilarious weekly tidbits in The Good Weekend and his knee-slapping literary work with both The Family Law (2010) and Gaysia (2012), Law is actually just a super great bloke and agreed to share some of his wordly wisdom with us here at Twenty Something Humans.



Although he is no longer a Twenty Something himself, (he was born in's okay if you have to use a calcutor, we did too) Law remembers the years well, except for those that involved the over consumption of alcohol... but it's probably best to forget about those nights.


We asked Benjamin to fill in the blanks.


 The favourite year of my 20’s was  all of them because I’ve a terrible memory and find it difficult to distinguish between milestones and years.  (I’ve been like this all my life. I’m not proud of myself.)


If I could go back to twenty something-year-old me I would’ve definitely gone on exchange during my undergraduate years, so I could avoid being as ignorant and not-entirely worldly as I was. 


If I could offer one piece of advice to people in their twenties today it would be to  read lots, work hard (you seriously won’t have this much energy forever), and hang out with people smarter than yourself.


The worst sexual experience I had in my 20's was probably anything that invovled the ovreconsumption of alcohol.


When I turned 30 I felt stoked because, as a friend once said, your 30s are the decade of your life when you’re old enough to finally know what’s important and young enough to do it all.


When I’m fifty I hope to be ocean swimming with my boyfriend. It’s a new skill I’m acquiring right now, and I want to master it.


Countless things make me angry about the world we live in today. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. 



Want more Benjamin Law? Check out our interview with him. We chat about shitting, inspirations and what makes for a good writer.





 Photo credit: James Brickwood (The Good Weekend)


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