Chicken, Pomegranate and Halloumi salad

January 5, 2016

Now this little guy is bound to get your tastebuds talkin'. When you're invited to a dinner party and delegated to salad duty, ditch your usual tomato and cucumber combo and give this creamy sensation a try!




It's fresh, easy and bound to win you brownie points with your friends... No, not brownies, brownie points... although maybe you could suggest that the friend who was assigned to dessert duty could make some brownies, those thing are darn delicious.


What you'll need:


1  Chicken breast

1  Avocado

1 Pomegrante

Small handful of pepita seeds (those are pumpkin seeds for the people playing at home)

Small handful of sunflower seeds (those are kind of self explanatory)

Sprinkle of cumin powder

Small tub of cream

Block of halloumi

Bag of baby spinach


Salt, Pepper, olive oil for seasoning.


How to make it:


1. Firstly, chop the chicken breast into thin slices and cook over a medium heat.


2. When the chicken is cooked, pour cream over top and sprinkle small amount of salt, pepper and cumin powder.


3. Turn chicken onto a low heat and prepare spinach (wash), cucumber (slice) and avocado (slice, again).


4. Now for the tedious part, but trust me, it's worth it. Slice the pomegrante down the centre and scoop the delicious drops of heaven from the husk. Be careful to remove the annoying white parts that come along with it.


5. In a separate pan dry-fry the halloumi and slightly fry the pepitas and sunflower seeds (careful, they burn easily).


6. Lay the spinach in a bowl and add all chopped ingredidents to the mix. Toss the creamy chicken through and garnish with pomegrante seeds and pepita and sunflower seeds.


Here's one we prepared earlier, sans sunflower seeds because...well.... we forgot okay! We're only human!



Photos: Kate Neilson



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