Quiz: How good are you at being a grown up?

September 21, 2016

One does not simply become at adult when they turn a certain age, legally yes, mentally, not always. Being a fully functional adult comes down to making certain choices, ridding yourself of certain habits and paying for things that you can't physically play with, wear or taste (like electricity - don't play with electricity).


 We've been together a little quiz to see how far advanced you are in your pathway to adulthood. DW, some of us might never get 30/30 and that's okay, we'll just do things our own way.


We're far from there (points 3, 5, 8, 21 & 22 happened this week). How about you?

  1. You can do one grocery shop for the entire week

  2. You don’t know who won The Bachelor

  3. You don’t leave tea-bags or fruit peels lying willy-nilly around the house

  4. You never out of toilet paper

  5. You haven’t sent a drunken text that you regret in the last 12 months

  6. You’ve got no time to get stoned on a weekday

  7. You comment on the weather a lot

  8. You don’t tell people about your poo

  9. You own a pair of “comfortable” work shoes

  10. You spend less than 2 hours a day on social media

  11. You only have ONE superannuation account (and didn’t just choose the fund that your employer nominated)

  12. You don't have any items in your bedroom that should belong in the kitchen right now

  13. Your phone cover hasn’t got bunny ears/isn’t a Minion

  14. You don’t have a floordrobe atm

  15. You feel slightly uncomfortable around teenagers

  16. You own a skin care range that is all from the same brand.

  17. You’ve got framed art on your walls instead of magazine clippings

  18. The goonbag is a distant memory to you

  19. You put at least $50 from your weekly wages into savings

  20. You haven’t broken or lost your phone in the last 12 months

  21. You haven’t used the words “cooked”, “fried” or “munted” to describe your mood in the last month

  22. You already know what the biggest news story of the day is (without googling it right now)

  23. You don’t own any clothes that brand the word “Slay” or “Blaze”

  24. You live for the weekend

  25. You haven't rolled a joint made up of excess pot/tobacco scraps that you found on your desk/in your handbag/on the ground in the last 12 months

  26. You know where your car keys are right now

  27. If someone handed you a baby, you’d know how to hold it

  28. You’ve got plants inside your house that are still alive

  29. You haven’t drunk out of a shoe in the last 12 months

  30. You haven't licked a strangers butt/face/earlobe in the last 12 months



You ticked off:


Between 1-5


You know what, you’re just too busy having a good time to worry about boring adult shit, good for you. You’re probably having more fun than the rest of us. You might want to consider getting your shit together a tiny bit though because life is about to get real soon and if you never have any clean underwear and store your cash in a sock under your bed, well, it might just be a little harder for you than some. Stop talking about your poo so much. Keep blazin’ though, you’re doing fine.


Between 5-10


 You’re trying your hardest to transition into adulthood but you’ve also got a penchant for afternoon billies and bubble gum flavoured ice-cream, nothing wrong with that. As long as you know when your rent is due, how to dress appropriately for work (stop wearing crop tops pls) and you aren’t constantly running out of toilet paper then you’ll probably be fine. Probably.


Between 10-20


You’ve struck a nice little balance my friend! Well done. People take you seriously but you still have yourself a wild time on the weekends. I bet you like, read the newspaper on the weekends and everything! You’re like what we all aspire to be. You’ve got your shit together. Congratulations, you’re an inspiration to us all.


Between 20-30


Woah, calm down dude. You’re just making the rest of us look bad now. No doubt you’ll probably become the Prime Minister some time soon, please remember the rest of your fellow millennials in this pursuit and throw us a welfare bone. If you’re this far advanced in the adult world already then the chances are that you’ve been like this since you were a child. I don’t want to give you too much shit because I’m well aware that I’ll probably be working for you in the near future. Just don’t forget to let your hair down every now and then. 



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