Castlecomer's 'Judy' uncovers the weird shit that we do when we're alone in the bathroom

September 12, 2016

The weird, trippy stuff that you get up to in the bathroom is between you and your bathroom mirror. It's a safe place, behind a locked door to practice 'finding the light' for the perfect model shot, to check out that weird rash on the inside of your bum cheek and to see what you'd look like without any eyebrows.


Electric rock band Castlecomer have unlocked the door to those private, and slightly embarrassing, moments with the release of their new video single Judy, out September 23.


Directed by Ben Sheen (Polish Club, winner of Triple J Unearthed NIDA competition), the clip for Judy is playful, yet characterised by a dark, psychedelic edge.  ‘Judy’ is a confident, fun, normal young woman, dancing around her bathroom at the beginning of her day – that is, until she opens her mouth to reveal the trippy surprises inside. Of the clip, Bede (lead vocals) says, “Judy is the most sinister tune on the EP. There’s a bit of Stockholm Syndrome in there, a bit of unrequited love…we sent the tune to the director, Ben Sheen, who has been a great friend of ours for years and asked what his take on the tune might be. We loved his idea.”


Judy is the fourth taste of Castlecomer’s new EP All Of The Noise, an electric odyssey through modern alternative pop. For devotees to Foals circa Total Life Forever, and hook-addicts of all genres, All Of The Noise is an exploratory record that is characterised by its dynamic guitar riffs and Bede’s distinctive vocal style. 


 Working with the likes of Scott Horscroft (Empire of the Sun, Last Dinosaurs, Little Red) and Jean Paul Fung (Client Liasion, Art vs Science, Jackie Onassis) on the release, Castlecomer have ensured that only music of the highest quality reached the final cut on All Of The Noise.


Of the EP, Bede explains, “It’s a weird thing writing 50 songs with lyrics in a short-ish period of time, because there are a lot of different things that come up, but also a lot of themes start to overlap in your mind. For these five songs, you might say that there is an escapist theme underlying all of them.”


Excited to bring All Of The Noise to the stage, Castlecomer will be heading out on a massive Australian East Coast tour in September. Thrilled to be hitting the road for the series of high-energy shows, Bede enthuses, “We’re playing bigger venues, with Sydney’s Manning Bar being our biggest hometown show to date so we’ve got a lot of surprises in store! In the past we would scribble down a few songs and then change the set completely while on stage, but we’re trying to make it a bit more smooth and professional now.  There’s talk of having a 3 track acoustic part of the set in the middle, and also of doing some house parties during the tour, but we’ll have to map it out with our agent first…!”



Castlecomer is Bede, Neely, Patch, Joe & Tommy.


Check out the song below!


 Castlecomer will embark on an East Coast tour in November, kicking off in Wollongong on Thursday November 17, then playing Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and finishing up in Byron Bay on Saturday December 16. For more info click here.

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