Cats in Sweaters

September 9, 2016


Warning: this post contains one too many cat puns. Read at your own risk.




If you’re into animals doing human things (and honestly, who isn’t?) then we’re sure you’ll be a fan of Jonah Stern’s Cats in Sweaters, even if you’re not a cat person. This adorable (had to stop myself from saying a-paw-able) collection of photographs features a few feline friends sporting their favourite comfs. Bless them.


Their quirky purr-sonalities are highlighted with a short bio about each kitty, such as Belle, a white Tabby with an attitude problem (she likes pushing her siblings from great heights) or Moonshine (pictured below), whose favourite song is 'Can't feel my face' by The Weekend. These crazy cats are all about living life to the fullest and flaunting their paw-fect style. Sorry, that was a bad one. I'll stop now.



Then we've got sassy-cat Jade. She definitely woke up like this and literally has no time for your shit. She's a part of the Diva Cats section of this little book and honestly, diva doesn't even begin to describe her. Jade's cat-chphrase is, "when I woke up this morning I had not planned to look this good." Don't we know it. 


Don't fuck with Jade because she will cut you.



Cats in Sweaters makes for the perfect gift for the cat lover, or sweater lovers for that matter, and can be purchased here from Murdoch Books RRP: $12.99.



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