Six GIFS that will help you slay a bitch via text

August 13, 2016

Sometimes an emoji just doesn’t cut it, and a GIF just says it all.


I tend to find myself in those clichéd texting situations where I couldn’t be bothered writing an essay-long reply, but an emoji is just lacking the punch I’m looking for.


Desperate times call for killer GIFS and short, pithy memes that let you end the conversation like a boss bitch.


Don’t worry guys, I got you.


Here’s the 6 GIFS you absolutely must save in your phone, get on it.


When they’re lying and you know it.




When their behaviour is irrational and you’d like to address it in a passive aggressive kind of way.




When they finally ask you on that date you’ve been waiting for.




Warning: ‘keen beans’ vibes may be felt for miles around.


When you wanna show some love (but also want to show that you don't care too much).




When they ask what you're doing this weekend.




When you’re asked for nudes and you’re not about that life.




Bit cheeky. But hey, they started it.


And finally, when it all goes to hell and you've got  no other choice than to cut your losses.




Please do not use on persons over the age of 25, or run the risk of being asked, “What? Who’s Felicia?”


 Adrianna is a 22-year-old journalism graduate who is never seen wandering the streets of Sydney sans coffee in hand. A self-confessed sugar addict, she is a lover of sweet treats, sweet words and even sweeter fashion finds. When she isn't hitting the gym or buried in a horror film of some sort, you'll definitely find her Instagramming at @adri_zapp.


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