Our generation has got serious commitment issues

July 10, 2016

Behold the allusive generation that keeps on 'forgetting' to turn up at least that's what we keep telling people. The unanswered question but often asked, are we all really too busy to go out with friends or just perpetuating the idea that something better might come along if we stay in our pyjamas watching Netflix and munching down a bag of potato chips (guilty as charged).




 Without sounding too mean, we’re kind of jerks. If you combine our unwillingness to commit to a pre-planned engagement with the major growth of the cyber world, it really does make it that much easier to hide behind a keyboard and pretend that we’re interested in catching up with people when in actual fact we have no intention of putting on pants and leaving the house for the next week.  


 The accessibility of having an entire movie cinema in your lounge room and the emergence of those damn pyjama onesies has turned us into a bunch of flake-out babies.

It’s easier to click a button saying ‘attending’ a week or so before an event and then on the night of,  we decide not to show up and quickly changing our RSVP to ‘can’t go’ ((cough cough, I’m sick)) rather than saying to someone’s face ‘I’m just not that interested’. Even worse, people who click attending and don’t even bother to make up some ridiculous excuse for not turning up. Poor Billy is expecting 50+ to turn up to his Maroon 5 appreciation party and then a measly 6 people actually show up. Poor form friends.


There’s no doubt that social anxiety is a very real problem that individuals face everyday and some days it’s completely warranted and okay that you wouldn’t want to go out. There’s a real beauty in the comfort of just staying at home but if you’re just flaking out because you CBF then maybe you should re-evaluate because it’s your birthday party next month and WHAT IF NO ONE SHOWS UP??


With the large and overwhelming accessibility to the internet in today’s magical land of computers and smart phones, it’s becoming much easier to hide behind a digital wall of protection rather than physically declining an invitation in person.


If you’re planning an event and set it at 6pm, you know that no one will turn up until at least 8:30pm. The potentially dramatic but completely essential “wriggle room” for the attendees that can never seem to make it on time (again, completely guilty as charged).


It’s okay to be late when you’ve got tricky work schedules, prior commitments, car trouble, your cat gets lonely without you, or you just can’t leave the house when The Bachelor is on, but to the ‘purposely not on time/fashionably late’ souls of the world, and I know you’re out there, I ask you this – was the two-hour pre-makeup session really worth you extending the time it took you to get your butt to the event on time? I don’t know, I’m genuinely asking. Without sounding too much like a grumpy sod, I am a woman scorned when it comes to late attendees and it sucks.


As I finish this sappy letter of built up angst towards punctuality and attendance, I wish to ask you to make a pledge, a simple yet practically binding promise that “thou shall not flake out on friends if at all possibly avoided” and in the future you will try with all your might to go out, see the world, see your friends. Spread your wings my social butterflies.

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