Twenty Something things that we're fkn tired of hearing

Whether they’re comments made by prying relatives that you have the displeasure of seeing  once every Christmas, or seemingly harmless individuals that you happen to interact with in your day to day life, there will always be someone that pesters you with unnecessary statements about your life.


If you’re in your twenties you’ll come across selected people who think it's appropriate to lecture you on the difference between your ‘generation’ and theirs. Come on people, it's 2016, haven’t we moved past all the stereotypes and severe generalisations of entire age groups yet?




But alas, fellow twenty somethings can agree with me on the fact, that the following infuriating phrases always seem to find a way into many conversations during this period of our lives. So below, neatly compiled for your pleasure (or pain), you’ll find the most uncomfortable questions/remarks that we’ve all happened upon when others are obviously low on conversation builders or just don’t give a damn about social etiquette:



  1. “So, have you met anyone special yet?"


*Shudders* Oh dear lord, please don’t open that chest of emotional baggage.


2. “That biological clock of yours is ticking, you know!”


Yeah, thanks for that overwhelming reminder Grandma.


3. “Don’t you think its time to stop all the partying and act like a mature adult?”


By mature do you mean a lifeless shell of a person who’s lost the ability to have a good time? No thank you. Alcohol= still fun. Being mature= still boring.


4. “You’re meant to hate your job in your 20’s, you've got to work for years before you find a job that you love."


Wait, so these are supposed to be our ‘best years’ of our lives, but I shouldn’t aim to work in a job I love? Gee thanks for that excellent, and not at all confusing, life advice.


5. “You're too soft, you don’t understand the world, it’s a tough place.”


Actually people our age have been known to be more socially conscious and open to new things than the generations before us. That doesn’t make us too soft, just more accepting.


6. “Everyone your age is so entitled. You think you can get everything that you want!”


It’s a grossly overused and untrue stereotype that everybody below the age of 30 has been fed with a silver spoon their whole life.


7. “You're so dependent on technology, always on your devices, that’s not living in the real world.”


I need to point out that we’ve grown up in a technological world, it’s everything we know! Plus, it’s funny that being tech-savvy is criticised by some when businesses grow as a result of developing technologies, people link together from all around the world and we can share important information in a single second. Relax a little Judge Judy.


8. “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”


As long as I’m far away from this conversation and all other intrusive human beings like yourself, I’ll be sweet wherever I end up.


9. “Don’t you think your spending too much? You should start saving for a house.”


You mean the $1 million+ housing market that I'll never, ever, ever be able to afford…yeah I think I’m going to avoid that chapter of my life for as long as possible.


10.  “You’re in your twenties, you should be doing…”

 : |


There isn’t one universal way that someone should live out their twenties. We have the freedom to do what we want, so don't get caught up in other people's ideas about what you should be doing/


11.  “So when are you going to settle down and have kids?”


Why has that become something that is just expected of everyone in society? I happen to adore my independence and it should be accepted if I choose to avoid the sticky surfaces, sleepless nights and constant fatigue that comes from all that 'having-a-kid-stuff'.


12. “Dating in your twenties is so complicated now! What ever happened to good old fashioned relationships?”


I’m sorry to break it to you, but this isn’t the 1950’s, and courting is no longer a thing. There’s nothing shameful about casual sex and dating has always been complicated, we can just thank technology for throwing in a little something to make it more interesting.



13. “You're almost at the big 3-0, how does it feel?”


I know its harmless, but who even came up with the phrase “the big 3-0”? Wait to go for making my impending increase in age feel way more daunting than I needed it to be.



14.  “Why does everyone your age take so many photos?”


Yes, I admit the selfie is a strange trait that our generation is guilty of possessing. But aside from that, I’m not going to apologise for having my camera roll packed with memories of all my previous adventures (or pictures of really yummy looking food and cute puppies).



15.  “You should take better care of yourself now, otherwise you’ll regret it when your older.”


I will avoid going to the gym yet again tonight and devour this whole box of pizza and fucking enjoy it, TFVM.


16.  “Oh your one of those feminist types are you?”


I can't.


If I have to hear this question one more time, right after giving my opinion on a socially progressive topic, I may implode.



17.  “You don’t get it; you’ll understand when your older...”


Hello, I’m not some 14-year-old pubescent teenager who needs to be told what I do and don’t understand. REAL HUMAN ADULT OVER HERE!



18. “You're young, stop stressing, smile more, you’ve got it easy.”


You try being in your twenties in this day and age, facing the prospect of never owning your first home, with student debts that you might never pay off and Tinder fuck boys sending you dick pics. It ain't easy Nanna.



19.  “Why does everyone your age always try to look for the easy way out?”


I will go all Van Gough on this situation if I have to hear one more time how people think we’re lazy and aren’t willing to put in the hard work. It’s okay to want to find a time saving solution, that doesn’t make us lazy, just keeping up with this fast paced world.



20. “All those piercings and tattoos, think of how you’ll look when your old and wrinkly.”


Yeah,  I’m gonna be one bad-ass looking grandma who don't give no fucks.



Now, while surpassing our twenties seems to be the only solution to this problem, if there are any mature (but still totally cool) readers out there that are guilty of uttering these expressions to your younger human counterparts, maybe just don't.


Living in our twenties means that we’re given bouts of freedom, and sure, this independence may get us into trouble some times, and yes we’ve done (and probably will do in the future) some pretty dumb shit as a result but none of us truly have our shit sorted out yet, so just give us some space and let us figure it all out the best way we know how - by winging it 80% of the time and occasionally getting some stuff right.



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