Well Made Clothes are well good for the world

June 14, 2016

We all like to keep ourselves looking funky fresh but sometimes it can be hard to keep up to date with the hip, happening fashion trends while also being a good dude to your moral conscience. The wonderful humans behind Well Made Clothes recognised this issue and created a website that delivers information on fashionable clothing labels that "minimise harm, empower individuals and sustain communities." They are pretty much saving the world one cute pinafore at a time.


The website allows you to pick and choose values that matter to you, meaning you can choose to purchase clothes that align with your personal beliefs whether that's fair trading, gender equality, hand crafted, vegan or environmentally sustainable, there's sure to be something that fits you just right.




They say that  "the fashion industry is so complex, and it affects people and the environment at every level. This impact is often negative, due to the fact that too much poorly made clothing is being produced, too much poorly ­made clothing is being bought, and too much poorly made clothing is being thrown away."


By empowering consumers to make an informed choice when it comes to clothing they are putting us back in control and forcing us not to be blind-sighted by large companies that produce their clothes in masses using cheap slave labour and materials and production methods that are harmful to our precious and fragile environment.



When you think about sustainable clothing you might imagine a hessian style sack with a few arm holes cut into it, but the products at Well Made Clothes are actually super stylish and reflective of what we're seeing in the big boy department stores. They showcase labels such as Nico, Celeste Tesoriero,  Her Swimwear, Kowtow, Bon and Camp Cove- some really trendy threads if you ask me.


So what are you waiting for? Slip into something a little more comfortable and jump online to find something that will have you feelin' stylin' and give you a total soul boner.


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