Surviving the first month of full time work

April 24, 2016


You just got the call with the answer that you were hanging to hear, you got the job! Not just any job – a job you REALLY wanted. A job that pays pretty well. A job that may actually have something to do with your expensive University degree AND a job that gives you weekends off (the icing on the cake). It all seems surreal, as if the Career-Gods have aligned with the stars and said, “here you go, you no longer need to worry, your perfect future awaits.”



The high continues up until the night before your first day and then sheer panic sets in. The eve of the first day in my current job went like this: pack all the food, pack my handbag and try on six different outfits. Pick one that says, “I think I am capable of my job but I’m also terrified that you’ll fire me on the first day but don’t because look how presentable I am” all at once. After this I re-consider if I am indeed capable of the job and ask my girlfriend this question at least six more times before I go to bed.

Not an easy process to deal with.


The dreaded first day finally arrived and before I knew it a week had flown on by. I spent my first week trying to remember everyone’s name and soon realised that there is no such thing as an actual deadline. The deadline was when your boss fucking needed it.


The weeks rolled on by. Some days I loved the job, others I hated it. Sometimes I’d really doubt my skills (all the time), whilst other days I would give myself an invisible high-five. During this first month, I found six particular tools to help me persevere in the office and being the nice person that I am I thought I’d share them with you. You’re welcome.


Pen and paper

Always have this on you. Always. If you keep forgetting it, make a fancy necklace and carry it around your neck if you have to (very fashionable). Meetings pop-up out of nowhere and you’re expected to take notes.  If your boss calls you over to their desk and starts hurling words at you, you better be sure to write them down because there is no way you’re going to remember them all by the time you walk the two metres back to your desk. Not because you’re forgetful, but because you’re riddled with nerves whenever your boss so much as looks at you let alone speaks to you.




Feedback is sometimes hard to take, but it will make you better at your job and future jobs ahead of you (it also makes you look really good to your boss). Constantly ask for it in e-mails when you send off documents and always be appreciative when you receive it.


Cups of tea

Smokers have their smoke breaks and tea people have their tea breaks. DRINK ALL THE TEA. This will get you through the day. Tea makes everyone calm. Tea is life, tea is love.


Activity log

Bit of an odd one but each day I write down what I want to get done and next to it I write what I did do and in what time-frame (roughly). An activity log helps you see when you kick-ass. It’s also a good reference point to talk to your boss about what you have done, and for yourself to keep on top of projects.



I’m not kidding, I Googled “Marketing for Dummies” and I’m not ashamed of it. Google has a way of solving my problems for me in a quicker way than I ever could and saves me asking 10x more questions to my colleagues each day. Don’t be afraid to Google, “dream-job-here for Dummies”, you won’t regret it.


A sense of humour

For the days when you feel like you just don’t get it or the days when everything you planned on doing just isn’t going to plan. Laugh it off, make a joke about how shit the day really was and walk away from it. You’ll feel better in the long run. Oh and find a work friend that will send you funny memes throughout the day, that’s an excellent way to keep your personal morale levels topped up.


You made it! You’re one month into the new job. Do you love it? Do you hate it? Whatever is going on be proud you survived one month of being a proper adult. It’s only up from here. That is until it goes down again and then back up and then down…ah well, just enjoy the sweet pay check and don’t go spending it all at once!




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