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“Art should be fun, playful and strange”: meet Andrina Manon

Sydney-based artists Andrina Manon is fascinated with making art about us millennials. She loves all things floral, folksy and nostalgic.

Ahead of her exhibition at Good Space on August 7 – in partnerships with local artist Oliver Abbott – Andrina talked to Twenty Something Humans about what she loves most about art, where she draws inspiration from and what life advice has impacted her most.

Describe your vibe in three words.

Colourful, calm and dreamy.

What do you love most about illustrating?

The endless possibilities. You don't need to pay attention to real world limitations or rules. Illustration allows you to express every thought and concept you could dream of in your own terms. This personal element creates a very real connection between you and your audience.

What are your favourite things to illustrate?

At the moment plants, stars, skies, animals and people. I love combining recognisable elements with surreal situations. Just because we're adults doesn't mean we have to be serious! Art should be fun, playful and strange.

Where/when do you feel your most creative? When I’m travelling or exploring nature. I love visiting new cities and taking in different types of architecture and getting lost in unfamiliar places, but I also really need to recharge at the beach or in the bush.

Who or what inspires you? Reading, walking around the city and everyday interactions with people. The other day I saw a little kid walk up to someone else's dog, bend down and give it a massive hug. It was such a pure interaction and such a sweet moment – I knew I had to illustrate it. You never can guess when inspiration will hit.

What's the best piece of advice you have received?

To trust yourself and protect your energy by putting yourself first when you need to. I'm still learning how. It's so healthy to know your limits and say no to things you instinctively know aren't good for you or worth your time.

"To trust yourself and protect your energy by putting yourself first when you need to."

How do you overcome a creative slump?

By doing something completely different! If I get frustrated with my work, I go for a run down to the beach and (if it's warm haha) jump into the water. Or sometimes I start work on something else creative – like going to a life drawing class or painting something just for myself.

What makes for your perfect weekend?

Ohhh, sharing breakfast with friends and lazing in the sun at the beach would be ideal!!

Typical morning routine?

Jump out of bed, put some coffee and toast on and have a quick boogie while waiting for it to cook. Then sit on my balcony, eat breaky while reading and slowly shuffle to my studio!

Blacksphere / Goodbye House’ is an exhibition by Andrina Manon and Oliver Abbott. The show documents nostalgia, relationships and daydreams through paintings, prints and screen-based works. Oliver will be debuting his new short film ‘BLACKSPHERE’ and Andrina will be showing a new collection of watercolour works ‘Goodbye House’ for the first time. Join them for one night only, Wednesday August 7th from 6pm. Click here for details.

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