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Six quirky Airbnbs around the world

While the summer holidays have just wound up for most of us, some are planning (or dreaming of) their next adventure already; perhaps that’s a Summer festival, a road trip with mates or a romantic camping trip with bae.

If you’re like me, and dream of things you can’t have (like Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe), you’re also pining after an around the world escapade. Even after your finances are running low from a raging social life during the silly season; my bank statements would make Lindsay Lohan look rich again.

Despite my lack of funds, I sheepishly scroll through the world’s most fabulous and exquisite Airbnbs – I’m such a whore for quirky interiors. Here are my top six homes that are now officially on my bucket list, and some of these actually won’t break the bank...

Ostuni – Italy

Image: Airbnb

This place is out of this world...well, it’s in Europe actually, in the beautiful white-washed Italian town of Ostuni. It has a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory vibe (Johnny Depp version); it’s classic, eerie and strangely gorgeous.

At only approximately $102 AUD a night, fitting four guests at a time, I’d hardly call this experience ‘treating yourself’. In places like Barcelona and Amsterdam you can pay up to $70 AUD a night for a crappy hostel.

The home offers a heap of amenities including an indoor fireplace that will make a winter experience here simply perfection. This place is off the tourist map and will show you the wonders of the old Italian culture and religion. The home is perfect for anyone looking for a little touch of authenticity that will make any Instagrammer jizz at first sight of your live video tour.

Isla Mujeres – Mexican Island

Image: Airbnb

F is for fuck me. This place is Dr. Seuss meets Tim Burton - it’s completely insane. Isla Mujeres is a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, 13 kilometres off the coast from Cancún. This 'World Famous Seashell’ home is situated right on the water. The unique island paradise has high ratings and dazzling reviews; you’re guaranteed a sick stay here.

My theory is Nicki Minaj was the architect of this stunning home. It’s perfect for group holidays(you’ll probably need to go with a group as it’s around $400 AUD a night) and has a great outdoor pool area, perfect for pre-drinking before hitting one of the seven clubs available on the island.

It truly is a big, fat,white seashell.

Abiansemel – Bali

Image: Airbnb

This stunning house made entirely of bamboo, in Pristine Valley edge, has a hot tub. I don’t need to go on, but I will

This place has apparently accommodated tonnes of (rich) guests, including celebrities. So if you’re keen on sleeping in the same bed as one of societies best (my gut feeling is leaning towards 50 Cent or a Harry Potter star), then add this one to the list!

You also have your own private chef who cooks all meals for you; it’s literally everyone’s dream sanctuary. The villa is a whopping $500 AUD a night, but fuck it, I’m sold. I’m booking this in advance for my honeymoon. Hmmm, I wonder what this place will look like in 10,000 years.

Melbourne – Australia

Image: Airbnb

At least this one actually has slightly more feasibility, location-wise. You’re looking at paying $110 AUD a night each, if you’re going halvsies with your special someone (this apartment allows two guests at a time). The wanderlust retreat is located close to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, styled by some very creative souls; Melbourne really does put Sydney to shame once and for all. The whole apartment as a real forest/heaven theme.

“Soak in the tub, then fall asleep in a heavenly bedroom with cloud-painted walls and twinkling lights. And when you wake up, the espresso machine awaits,” reads the Airbnb website.

Don’t mind if I do…

Governador Celso Ramos – Brazil

Image: Airbnb

Situated on a private beach in Brazil, this is the ultimate fun house for a group of mates who aren’t all about urban culture and nightclubs. There are some houses nearby but this home is right on the cliff sitting just above the water.

It boasts panoramic sea views that will make you feel like you’re the only people in the world. Personally, when I scroll through Airbnbs, I consider how loudly I can blast Cardi B without annoying the poor neighbours; I think it’s safe to say that you won’t be disrupting neighbourhood-watch too quickly in this place.

It’s recommended that people looking for peace and serenity are not to book here because during the Carnival period, it’s a forty-day lively beach fiesta!

At $110 AUD per person, each night “the property is within a days drive from Iguacu Falls, the most beautiful and highest waterfall in Latin America, and... also adjoins a fishermen village where you will find all fish and shellfish varieties, several supermarkets, restaurants and shops.”

Akureyri – North Iceland

Image: Airbnb

Last but not least is the 360 glass cube sitting in North Iceland; it honestly looks like something out of a Black Mirror episode.

With a jacuzzi and beautiful scenery of Iceland’s gorgeous mountains and lakes, you won’t be growing homesick for Netflix in bed. What I like about this place is it’s anachronism; it’s a sci-fi box full of modern day fittings, yet the outdoors look like the Ice Age has just melted. It’s quite surreal.

We can all fantasise about going to these amazing places, and I’m sure there are some groovy Icelandic folk and hot Brazilian surfers living in Governador Celso Ramos who are probably wishing to stay in their dream apartment in Sydney’s CBD. My advice (as corny as it is) is to make those dreams a reality. As I said, I’m booking the Balinese villa for my honeymoon, where will you go?

Share your favourite Airbnb homes with us! Leave a link in the comments below.

Claudia is a Sydney-based writer who is addicted to 'useful' BuzzFeed quizzes, a diehard Sex & the City fan. She's also well-versed in pretending to know a Cab Savs from a Pinot Noir. You can find her Instagramming as @claudia_siron and you can check out her portfolio here.

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