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An interactive road map to help you practice self-care when you feel like shit

I was fumbling my way through the internet the other day, procrastinating instead of doing whatever it was I was there for in the first instance (I think I was meant to be giving the government my money for parking illegally, so obviously I was in no rush) and I came across this website called You Feel Like Shit. Intrigued, I read on.

I did feel like shit. Partly because of the $110 I was about to fork out for committing the unspeakable crime of parking my own car outside of my own house but also because I was feeling pretty shitty in general. I was going through a bit of a soggy soul phase.

I was about to celebrate my 25th birthday and with that comes the wave of annual self doubt: What have I done with the last year? Why haven't I achieved what I set out to? When will things feel better? I'm sure you're familiar with that internal narrative that we're all used to battling, some more often than others. So it was a good time for me to come across You Feel Like Shit, an interactive flowchart designed to help those who aren't so great at the art of self-care. Man, it sure can be hard sometimes.

I'm usually pretty good when it comes to recognising when I need to look after myself a little more. I'll notice when I'm feeling off balance or a little down in the dumps and, most of the time, I can reflect on why it is that I'm feeling that way. This is a great first step because I know many people who find it really difficult to understand why they're feeling a certain way, let alone recognise the warning signs in the first place.

What I do struggle with sometimes is knowing what to when those feelings have been identified and then justified. It's the 'taking action' part that often requires the most work and I will often opt for the easier option, to bathe myself in the negative feeling until it eventually goes away. Whilst wallowing is okay in small doses, it can often draw out your 'healing' process, making it drag on for much longer than is healthy.

This is where You Feel Like Shit can come in handy. Whether you're having trouble knowing how to identify your feels, or perhaps you're like me and just need something to give you some small, helpful hints to send you on your way, this website at the very least will help you to focus more of your attention onto your self-care and in the best case scenario, it will set you up for a lifetime of effective self-care. Yay.

The website suggests setting aside an hour to allow yourself to work through each step without rushing. I did mine in about 20 minutes, because I found that I didn't need to spend as much time on certain aspects of the chart, but I could definitely see myself returning in the future for a full hour sesh if need be.

Click here to begin your interactive self-care flowchart.

If you find that you're struggling and feel that you need to talk to a trained professional, you can call LifeLine on 13 11 14 or visit https://www.lifeline.org.au. Alternatively, if you don't require immediate professional assistance, and you just wanna unload some of your worries, you can drop us a line at hello@twentysomethinghumans.com or slide into our insta DMs @twentysomethinghumans. You've always got someone to talk to.

Kate Neilson is the founding editor at Twenty Something Humans and prefers to spend her time on soft surfaces. She feels weird writing about herself in third person. Lurk her @katiepotatierose.

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