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IKEA's new HJÄRTELIG collection is designed to help you chill the fuck out

I'm not sure about you, but the very last thing I think of when I imagine IKEA furniture is a calming zen force. Cheap? Yes. Stylish? Often. But zen? Fuck no. It took me an entire three days to properly assemble my IKEA bed, partly because I was too stubborn to ask for help and also because I started putting it together after consuming an entire bottle of wine and consequently put the whole thing together backwards.

Their furniture, with all their finicky little pieces and strange illustrated instructions, causes the internal wiring of my brain to short-circuit (hence the bottle of wine) and you can almost always guarantee that part of my IKEA item is missing an essential screw. But hey, my bed is yet to fall apart, so fingers crossed.

The Swedish furniture giants new HJÄRTELIG collection, launched this month, is designed to encourage you to "press pause" on your life and look after your wellbeing.

They said: "Many people know that their mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as good physical health. In our busy, modern lives we can often feel removed from nature and even ourselves."

"Whether to practice some yoga, tend to a plant or simply relax amongst beautiful, natural materials, the HJÄRTELIG collection is about the moments to re-focus and to revitalise ourselves."

Look, I'm all about 'prioritising my mental health' in order to quench my consumerist thirst. They've got me with their marketing scheme - hook, line and sinker - but they better have made them easy to assemble, for I fear that their claims towards zen vibes are otherwise redundant.

So what've they got for you? I imagine the most popular of their new range will be their soft yoga mat with specialised 'yoga mat bag' (pictured left).

No longer shall we submit ourselves to the perils of HOLDING a yoga mat, hooray! The mat, yoga blocks and nifty 'yoga bag' will set you back around $90 for all three items.

Even though I'm sitting here, kind of making fun of them, I'm still considering these as my weekend financial splurge...I'm just a sucker like that.

The new range also boasts some pretty cool trinkets (read: shit that you really don't need and serve little to no purpose but you buy them anyway because makes it makes your soul feel happy). They've made a cool little jewellery holder, 'zen' coat hangers, cozy cushions and a glass cone - I don't know what the cone's purpose is, but I want one!

The two designers behind this limited-edition range, Andreas Fredriksson and Maja Ganszyniec, want to reach all of our sense with various textures, soft tones and a few scented candles which they have described as smelling 'herby'...I think you're making up a work there IKEA.

Another cool thing that IKEA gone and did recently was re-launch IKEA Place, an augmented reality furnishing app which shows you how a certain piece of furniture might look in your space. It takes the 'try before you buy' promise a step further by allowing you to 'play before you buy'- neato hey? It's only available on Android devices though, sorry Apple babies.

With new features, you can experiment with over 3,200 of their products to see if they'll suit your space (and if they'll fit!). To coincide with the launch, IKEA teamed up with lifestyle blogger Caroline Solomon (@lowcheekbones), who hosts a fun little gameshow called Matchers Keepers, where couples and flatmates team up and find out how well their tastes really match. Have a look at one of the episodes below. It's strange but in the best of ways. Kind of like eating one of those IKEA meatballs.

Images: IKEA

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