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Four videos to pull you out of a sad day

When I'm in a little bit of a creative slump, lacking in general oomph or have lost my life sparkle, I like to indulge myself in some well deserved doona time and, after I've allowed myself to sulk for the appropriate amount of time, I watch one of these videos to pull me back into the land of the living. They never fail to inspire and encourage me to remember that this little life of ours is short, so why spend the whole time underneath a doona?

So, if you're feeling a little down perhaps I can offer you a small token of my love through one of these videos. Hopefully they will relight your sparkle.

Jedidiah Jenkins - Author / inspiring us to seek adventure in life

I just love this dude so much. Jedidiah is one of those people who I've convinced myself I'm friends with IRL because I watch his Instagram stories everyday and I'm obsessed with his life and friendship circle (he's a good pal of the wonderful Sophia Bush). Not only does he always make me laugh, he's also great for picking you out of a good old self pity party with his wise and well thought out words.

Have a look at this video about his bicycle trip from Oregon to Patagonia, created by his friend Kenny Laubbacher. Jed (as his known by his friends, aka me) has recently written a book about this journey called To Shake The Sleeping Self which is currently in its final publishing stages, coming out in October. Stay tuned. I highly recommend following him on Instagram (@jedidiahjenkins), he'll make your heart swell.

Ruthie Lindsey - Designer, Speaker and Creative Director / inspiring us to make lemonade with life's lemons.

This chick is the bomb-freakin'-diggity. Ruthie Lindsey is another person that I follow on IG and feel as though she is my sister-friend, or as she would say, my little bun. Ruthie is a highly inspirational human, living a life of chronic pain with a smile on her face and a shake in her booty. I'm forever in awe of this woman. She's truly incredible; her positivity is contagious. I treat her like a drug, whenever I'm feeling a little glum, I just take a little Ruthie hit and I'm good to go again.

Follow Ruthie @ruthielindsey

Ira Glass - Radio Host / inspiring us to look at creativity differently

You've probably heard of the incredible Ira Glass before, but if not, he is the host of popular podcast This American Life - amongst many other things.

This video is one of my all time favourites. So much so, that if someone were to ask me what my favourite piece of advice was, I'd just show them this video. It never fails to pull me out of a creative ditch and inspires me to JUST DO STUFF - even if it's not good stuff - because the good stuff will come later. I try not to overwatch this video as I fear it might one day lose its magic. It's always there in case of emergency. Enjoy.

Follow Ira @iraglass.

David Sedaris - Author and Humorist / inspiring young writers to keep going

David is one of my all time favourite writers. He's also the brother of popular comedian, Amy Sedaris. His work is unlike that of anyone else's you've read. I like this video because it feels as though you're sitting there with him at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP), as he scrawls on the back of a placemat offering you candid advice in between sips of coffee.

You can just tell he's a nice man who has a lot of important things to say. I'm currently reading his journal entries from 1997-2002 Theft by Finding - it's strange feeling as though you're peeking inside someone else's mind.

Read more about David here.

Kate Neilson is the creator of Twenty Something Humans. She likes eating toast in bed and feels strange talking about herself in third person. Lurk her @katiepotatierose.

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