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TSH Recommendations: What we're doing, thinking, eating & drinking #3

Twenty Something Humans contributor, Steph Hazelton, shares her recommendations on what to watch, read, taste & more.

DRINK - Chocolate Beer

Whilst I was embracing the free tastes of beer, wine and ciders at Wollongong’s festival, I stumbled upon something that equal parts shocked and excited me! Chocolate beer! My local 5 Barrels Brewery created a magic concoction of chocolate desert, coffee, creaminess and beer. Curiosity had me salivating at this combo so I took the leap and got a cup of ‘Milk Stout’. I realise the name doesn’t sound delicious but that’s why you have to take my word for it. I’d recommend drinking it in replacement of your arvo coffee or after a meal to enjoy the desert-like, smooth body contrasted with the roasty beer.

WATCH - 'How The Beatles Changes the World.'

If you’re bumming off someone else’s Netflix account and enjoy listening to The Beatles or claim to have “grown up in the wrong era”, chuck on the doco 'How the Beatles Changed the World'. The combination of original black and white footage combined with today’s footage of the narrators makes for an exciting throw-back into the War, Love, Peace and LSD ridden realm of the 1960s.

Watch trailer here.

LISTEN - Old School Music

Image: Amazon.

Take yourself on a date and give your ears some TLC whilst sending the brain waves into a euphoric state of curiosity. You’re on a mission to:

1. Find a mate with a record player or buy one yourself (I highly recommend this.) Here are a few tips for picking a good one!

2. Raid Vinnies, Newtown (Sydney), antique markets or the second-hand section of record stores.

3. The aim is to judge a record by its cover and to splurge a max of twenny bucks so you come home with about 10 records by random artists you’ve never heard before. Bam! Instant record collection of classic (unknown) hits. You might just find a diamond in the rough.

It’s surprising how the unknown sounds of some earthy jazzy Blues or, funky underground Soul can genuinely soothe your soul.

4. Find some milk crates and get into some DIY shelving to store the records in. Gotta love that twenty-something aesthetic.

DO - Volunteering with Benefits

Who loves music and festivals? Who loves free music and festivals!?

Image: National Folk Festival website.

How do we combine these you ask? Volunteer of course! Jump online to a festival you’re keen on and see if they take volunteers. Get a crew together and submit your applications. It doesn’t matter what job you get given, you're only going to have to work for a few hours, then you can say hello to free festy vibes.

Depending on the length of the festival, you get a free weekend pass and camping, plus you get to meet people from all walks of life. Who doesn’t love new friends? Recently I’ve been volunteering at the Bulli Folk Festival and will be working at the National Folk Festival in Canberra.

I don’t usually listen to folk, but these festivals are a whole other world filled with hippies, good spirited, wonderful people who are all there to have a good time. I’ve made some pretty cool friends by working on the bar and serving musicians who are always up for a chat. Overall, good vibes, good food, good beers, good people and good music. For free! How good is that?! TECH - Stumble Upon!

This website is a bit of an oldie but I've recently rediscovered it and it has been a great pastime to fill my brain with new ideas, websites, DIY, images, videos, articles etc. tailored to the interests that I have selected. Go on, give it a try, you never know what you’ll stumble upon.

Check it out here.

READ - Get Lost Magazine

Lately I’ve been tucking into some impressive travel stories in Get Lost Magazine. The captivating, graphic and descriptive words form stories that'll make you feel like you’re at the heart of the destination. It takes you on an inspirational journey off the beaten track, discovering the remains of unique cultures and to diving into the unfamiliar nooks and crannies that this world has on offer.

TASTE - Mochi

OM(ochi)G. I love Mochi so much but unfortunately, after a quick survey of forcing the little Japanese deserts into mates’ mouths, I’m in the minority of those who dig it. If clouds were edible, I reckon this would be a pretty good simulation. They’re half the size of your palm, and squishy with a unique texture and a sweet smooth filling inside. I dare you to be adventurous, get cultured and visit your local Asian grocer. The flavours range from peanut butter to vanilla bean and taro to tickle your tastebuds. Also, you should definitely watch this Mochi pounding extravaganza.

Steph is a creative being whose clothes often fall victim to her art supplies. When she's not attempting masterpieces, you'll find her experimenting with every flavour available on her food. You can check out her art here.

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