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Flower Drum on their asthmatic dream pop vibe

Asthmatic electro poppers, Flower Drums, have their debut album 'Sunshine Terror Babies' hot off the press and to celebrate, they had a chinwag with us here at Twenty Something Humans about their influencers, destroying precious personal artefacts and the struggles associated with relocating to a new town.

Amassing 12k Spotify streams in only 5 days, this duo are pretty impressive AND they know how to make vegan mac and cheese. Do tell boys...

Describe your aesthetic in three words. Asthmatic Dream Pop. Tell us about the inspiration behind your new single Night Swims. We wrote ‘Night Swims’ just after relocating to Melbourne, the song expresses what we were going through at the time. Looking back, it was a very prolific period in the studio but also an extremely isolating environment and after a while we started to question our identity as a band in a new city. Tell us about the inspiration behind the album art, it's very cool. Twelve-year-old me would have killed for a gold plated Ventolin. We're interested in the symbolism behind the ventolin puffer and it’s association with nerd culture in 1980’s films. The gold ventolin is a way of honouring our nerdish ways, we also have asthma so I suppose it's an ode to our little life saver.

What's the story behind the name, Flower Drums? It was literally the first thing I looked at when I was uploading demos to Soundcloud and before I knew it people knew the name, so it stuck.

STREAM Flower Drums' debut album SUNSHINE TERROR BABIES here.

What's the best thing about your home town? I feel as though Melbourne offers the opportunity to be whoever you want to be with much less fear of judgment than other Australian cities. We both grew up in Perth, and although it’s beautiful, it seems to lack in overall acceptance of uniqueness. How do you maintain a balance between work, rest and pleasure? Very poorly! I’m quite manic, I normally find myself working on multiple projects at once until I totally burn out. It’s better than being bored though. What's the last huge fuck up that you made and how did you fix it? I’m perpetually fucking up small things, which I think helps me avoid making huge fuck ups. I did leave an extremely rare record next to a heater while I was in Germany last month, it now looks like a cooked pappadom.

What was the last thing to make you laugh and the last thing to make you cry? I just read that interview with Quincy Jones, it's hilarious! He doesn’t give a fuck anymore, it’s really refreshing. Last time I cried was quite recently at the funeral of a young family member, death is hard to handle but someone dying young just seems unfair. You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, and nutrition isn't a factor, what do you pick? Vegan Mac and cheese (HMU for recipe). What practical advice would you offer to budding musicians? No one in the music industry knows what they’re doing, so make music with your friends and have fun. What's the best song to listen to when you're feeling sorry for yourself? Sade - Paradise ...and the best show to watch when you're hungover? Seinfeld ...and the best book to read when you want to improve your mind? Patti Smith - Just Kids

Stream Night Swims here.

Images: Supplied and Instagram @flowerdrums.

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