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TSH Recommendations: What we're doing, thinking, eating & drinking #2

Twenty Something Humans contributor, Adelaide Haynes, shares her recommendations on what to watch, read, drink, smell, taste & more.

WATCH: Damon and Jo – YouTube Channel

OK, so I know it can't just me who's overly obsessed with YouTube. I indulge in everything from lifestyle, beauty (because who the hell understands makeup?) and reviews. But most of all I love watching travel vloggers! There's quite a few out there and I love the feeling of being whisked away for 10 or 15 minutes to a new world, a new country and new language. But a travel channel that stands out is Damon and Jo, a dynamic and hilarious American duo who travel the world and make videos. #thedream.

What I love about these guys is that they're not your generic 'hey guys, so this is the Eiffel Tower,' they actually produce videos in English, French and Portuguese, and speak about 6 languages fluently..... yep you heard correctly. FLUENT IN 6 LANGUAGES! Not only do they travel to learn and explore, but they travel specifically learn languages! Anyone who has studied a language knows just how difficult it can be to pick up, and anyone who has travelled and had some awkward language barrier encounters knows the importance of language!

It's incredibly refreshing to see two young, vibrant and intelligent people using their very powerful platform to encourage education and discovery. Plus, their personalities are fucking brilliant (Jo please be my best friend already). It'll keep you hooked, challenge you to think and maybe even inspire you to learn more French than you're extensive vocab of voulez-vous couchez avec moi, ce soir....

You can binge watch their channel and chemistry here.

LISTEN: The Smith Street Band – More Scared of You than You Are Of Me

Uh, Will Wagner you can do no wrong! I have to admit, I wasn't one of those OG Smith Street Band fans. In fact, it took me quite a while to get into them (maybe it's like coming to like blue cheese, it takes time for your taste buds to mature). But when your ears mature to The Smith Street Band you can't get enough. There's something addictive about their style that has seen me listen to their album on repeat. I think it’s the fusion of sweet and sensitive lyrics with his husky 'don't give a fuck' voice.

With an upcoming Australian tour, my ears are ready for some of Will Wagner's beautiful husky lyrics in concert!

You can check out my fave song by them here.

THINK: Woman of the Hour – Lena Dunham

I’m only relatively new to this whole podcast thing but damn Woman of the Hour makes me look forward to my weekly workout. Yep, makes me look forward to working out!! I love a bit of Lena and this podcast makes me love her that little bit more. She covers topics like ageing, goodbyes, health, faith, body, hair and work.

She interviews incredible women and encourages this awesome girl boss, supportive, loving and understanding environment that sparks some positivity in our crazy lives. It challenges me to think about what’s important to me, what I value, what I stand for, what mistakes I’ve made and ultimately, how I have the power to make life happen for me! Pretty inspiring stuff if you ask me.

You can check out the podcast and ramblings of Lena Dunham here.

TECH: 1SE (1 Second Everyday)

You know you’re on to something great when you get your friends, friends friends and even their friends onto an app. 1SE is an app that lets you record 1 second of footage every day, and at the end of your year, you mash it all together and are left with a sweet little 5 minute video of your entire year.

Heads up, it does cost $7.99 but I assure you it's completely worth it! I've had this app going on to 3 years now, with the past 2 years of my life recorded in bite size snippets. Basically, it's video making for dummies. It's a great way to capture a moment and when you look back on the year that you had, you realise that damn, we're lucky people.

You can check out my 2017 year here.

You can check out more about the app here.

READ: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

I don't often invest time in reading fiction. I find people's lives fascinating enough. The scary thing about this book is that maybe this is the future for all of us but we just don't know it yet. There's something about his book that is hauntingly terrifying, intriguing and wonderful. I've been calling this book the female version of George Orwell's 1984. Except this is slightly more terrifying because it's all about women, our lady parts, girl code and a woman's place in society.

It's excellently written and intensely gripping. You'll be able to knock over this book in a week.

It's so good that they even made the book into a TV show, which is equally amazing! Plus it's free to watch on SBS On Demand!

You can watch the trailer to the TV series here.

SMELL: Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium

The only good thing about coming home from an overseas holiday is duty free shopping. And duty free means stocking up on perfume. I have been hooked on Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent ever since my friend and I pulled an all-nighter club hopping in London. The next morning when our brains were fried, mouths dry and dignity sore, my friend still smelt good. And that’s what made my day that little bit brighter.

Buy it here.

DRINK: Murray’s Brewery

Beers + millennials = happiness. Breweries = bliss. I'm lucky enough to have grown up around Port Stephens, a cheeky three hour drive north of Sydney. And whilst Port Stephens is known for it's beaches, the beach isn't really complete without a few beers. Murray's Brewery has got you covered! Buy one of their 6 beer tasters (watch out, it'll get you a little buzzed), go for a tour of the brewery, get your hands dirty by devouring their delish pizzas and soak up some sunshine in their incredible beer gardens. My personal recommendation is Whale Ale.

Image: @muarraysbrewing / Photo by: @pickles_photos

TASTE: Beast & Bread

I'm taking you on a gastronomy tour of the East Coast in this post... Living in Wollongong, I am spoilt for choice with cafes, restaurants and bars. Beast and Bread is definitely one of my all-time lunch o'clock favourites. Hipsterly huddled away in an alleyway, Beast and Bread provides the goods. Their food is wickedly tasty! Bursting with flavour, it will leave your taste buds on cloud 9! I can't say no to their long blacks and meatballs. And the best part is that they're licensed! So even when you're hung over, you can keep on kicking on.

Get your saliva churning by checking them out on Instagram here.

Note: All opinions expressed in this piece are that of the authors.

Adelaide is a twenty something human and yes, that is her real name. She doesn’t go far without her Doc Martens and a skinny cappuccino. She loves travelling and thinks it’s the best way to meet exciting people (men). When she’s not at uni or daydreaming at the beach, you will find her writing on her blog A Worldly Addiction.

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