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Q&A with LA. Faithfull: "Heart Back is for everyone who has had their heart shattered due t

Colourful and unique LA. Faithfull's new single, Heart Back, is raw in every sense of the word. With Amy Shark-esque vocals and Nymphadora Tonks-like hair, LA Faithfull, otherwise known as Lisa Anne Faithfull, embodies the true punk/pop ~aesthetic~.

This week, she tells Twenty Something Humans about what inspired her to write this particular song and more on her writing practice in general. We asked about how she keeps her ideas ticking throughout her brain and loved her answer: red wine. Read on to find out more about her!

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Describe your aesthetic in just three words.

Colourful, honest, raw.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single Heart Back?

Heart Back is a very personal song for me and it's very close to my heart. It’s about the moment you fall apart when something tragic happens and you feel like your heart is in tiny pieces all over the floor, and you have that moment of wondering – “will anyone ever be able to fit all the pieces back together?!” I wrote it the night my dad told us he had prostate cancer. I guess it was my way of processing it. I've always dealt with my emotions through music, it helps with my anxiety.

When he told us the news, I did what was natural and just went to the piano and wrote. I feel like heartbreak is such a universal pain, everyone experiences it at one stage or another. I feel like you can apply it to a breakup or anything that leaves your heart in pieces, it all feels the same. Heart Back is for everyone who has had their heart shattered due to something tragic.

Talk us through your song writing process.

Songwriting for me is pretty much just processing my thoughts and emotions. I'm inspired by things that happen to me personally but also stories that friends tell me - the songwriting process is literally like therapy for me. I’ve always been emotional, haha…ask my parents! I remember being like that from a very young age, I was 12, writing sad songs and entering them into the local Battle of the Bands. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to writing such raw songs now. Normally something will happen and I’ll jot down some ideas. The chorus always comes first for me, then the verses start and I sort of fit it together like a jigsaw.

"I've always dealt with my emotions through music."

My notebook looks so weird and is literally filled with SO many choruses. Once I have an idea that I think could be onto something I take the bare bones to Msquared (my producers), give them the whole story behind the track and the feeling I want to create, and they add their magic to it - I’m really lucky to have them to share the creative process with! My favourite place to write is when I’m

driving – I’ll be humming, and then think quick, gotta pull over and record that idea! Maybe why it takes me so long to get everywhere!

How do you fuel yourself creatively?

My creativity is fuelled by red wine and tears hahaha! Luckily, I'm a fairly creative person, so it's sort of always there; I'll hear a story or something that inspires me to write... if that fails, red wine!

Image: Instagram @la_faithfullmusic

What’s the last movie that you saw and hated?

Jaws 3 - I’m totally terrified of sharks, but also love the feeling of a good scary shark movie, and Jaws is a classic! Anyway, Jaws 3 was playing recently... the shark wasn't even giant! Hated it!

What’s the last song that you listened to that made your heart thump?

At the moment I can' t stop listening to Ruel, as a vocalist when you hear a voice like that it just floors you - for someone so young, he sings like he has lived many lives. I actually think my heart stopped when I first heard him! I was driving along and he was singing Weathered, originally by Jack Garratt, and I was just crying because it moved me so much! I then got into his other tracks and haven't looked back!! And it’s so awesome that he's another homegrown talent! So cool!

What’s the last thing that made you angry?

Haha when you order Japanese and don't get kewpie mayo... literally happened last night.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

90’s Movies..... Save The Last Dance, Centre Stage, Step Up, Clueless - you get the idea hahaha, ooohhhh and Christmas movies! I have a huge collection, Tim Allen in The Santa Clause, you guys get what I’m saying right! Haha!

WATCH Heart Back here.

You can follow LA Faithfull on Facebook, Instagram and you can buy Heart Back on I-tunes.

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