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BuzzFeed doco teaches us about Indigenous history in the lead up to 'Australia' Day

On the 26th of January, every single year, many Australians get together, splayed in their Aussie flag merch and get absolutely blotto in what they consider to be a day of National pride. For Australia's Indigenous people, the First Nation people, this day acts as a painful reminder of the violence, rape, cultural suppression and genocide that was first inflicted upon their people 230 years ago.

Image: Amy McQuire, BuzzFeed News

Not only do Indigenous Australians have to sit through this painful experience on an annual basis, they do is whilst many others celebrate, making a mockery of the violent foundation on which our country is built.

Don't get us wrong, we think there are many great things to celebrate about Australia. We're all for having a day off work to eat a sausage and get tanked, just to boast about our killer surf and balmy summer evenings - that sounds freakin' awesome - but why do we have to do it on that day? How much do we really know about that day?

This year, BuzzFeed has released a three-part documentary series titled 'What They Don’t Teach You' hosted by their Indigenous affairs reporter Amy McQuire, which aims to shine a light on the history of Australia's invasion and the experiences of Indigenous communities during the week of Australia Day.

McQuire says: "I grew up not knowing about the history of this country, my country, and I think it's really important to revisit the past in order to move forward in the future."

Image: BuzzFeed

McQuire travels across Central Queensland, Rottnest Island and to Uluru, talking with First Nation people about their land, language, culture, identity and what it all means to them.

The series runs from the 23rd until the 25th of January. Scroll through BuzzFeed's video list to watch all three episodes running in under 10 minutes each.

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