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TSH Recommendations: What we're doing, thinking, eating & drinking

Twenty Something Humans editor, Kate Neilson, shares her recommendations on what to watch, read, drink, smell, taste & more.

WATCH: States of Undress

I'm absolutely obsessed with this show at the moment, I've been telling everyone I meet about it and probably not doing it any justice through my passionate babbling...but here goes.

Created by Viceland, State of Undress is hosted by Hailey Gates who uses the thread of various fashion week events across the world to weave an expose on the social, political and cultural bones of the global fashion industry. She walks us through the streets of Bolivia, Palestine, the Congo, Mexico City, Pakistan and more, uncovering issues that are often swept under the rug and delivering dense and historically complex cultural issues in an extremely palatable package.

She interviews an Islamic extremist in Pakistan, uncovers the thriving lingerie market in the West Bank and learns of a startling beauty trend sweeping its way across the Congo, which involves injecting Maggie stock cubes into your body, anally.

This is investigative journalism at its finest. So far there are two seasons in the series (prayin' they release more!) and each episode runs for about 40 minutes. You will binge watch this series, there's no doubt about it, but at least this is responsible binging because you'll learn a heck of a lot along the way.

Watch: 'States of Undress' trailer for Season 1

Click here to watch States of Undress

Click here to read more about Hailey Gates

LISTEN: HONNE - Warm on a cold night

I'm a little late to the game with this one (it was release in July 2016) but gosh-darnit this album is so fucking good. Last weekend, my housemate and I got drunk on wines in our lounge room and listened to this album on repeat - literally for two hours. I also listen to it on my way to and from work most days. We all do this when we find an album that we love, right? Play it on loop until we get sick of it. Well, I haven't got sick of it yet and I've been going strong on it for about 3-4 weeks now.

In my opinion, the songs of note are: Good Together, Someone that loves you, Woman, 3am and Warm on a cold night. The album is so beautiful - lyrically and melodically - it's a real soul soother.

Click here to listen to the full album here.

THINK: Conversations with people who hate me

I'm just starting out on this podcast, but so far, so good. Dylan Marron is an American writer, performer, and video maker whose work often showcases strong political/social justice themes which, as you can imagine, doesn't always sit well with the keyboard warriors of the world. In Conversations with people who hate me, Marron takes some of the most hurtful comments that he receives online and turns them into productive conversations offline, calling up the internet trolls (who are strangers) and calmly discussing his point of view and listening to theirs.

It's difficult to listen to because you easily jump into defensive mode, siding with Marron's point of view and branding the person on the other end of the conversation as ignorant, stupid or a straight up fucko. But Marron, who remember is at the centre of these abusive online slurs, doesn't come from a defensive angle. He's not there to try and force his point of view onto the troll but to instead try to see their side of the story and hope that they grow to want to do the same. If you ask me, he's an incredibly brave guy.

Another interesting project that Marron has produced, that won him the title of Tumblr's 'Most Viral Blog in 2015,' was Every Single Word, a video series that edits down widely popular films to feature only the words spoken by people of colour. It's utterly shocking. More on that here.

Listen to: Conversations with people who hate me here.

SMELL: Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau De Toilette

I'm the biggest fan of Aesop products (despite my tongue in cheek review of their store) and not just because their products are ultra dreamy and trendy but because I've been using a whole bunch of them for over two years now and my skin loves it! I'm a devoted lover, I won't be cheating on my skincare range any time soon, that's for sure.

One thing that has been a fairly recent edition to my dresser though is Aesop's Marekech Intense scent. It's spicy, woody and smooth as velvet. Aesop have branded is as a scent for 'Women and Men' although some reviewers have described it as what a man 'should' smell like. I totally disregard that because A) I am not a man and B) I don't like to place gender restrictions on inanimate objects, however my friend did tell me that I smelt like her Dad when I was wearing it, "but in a good way."

I get what she means. I don't know about her Dad in particular, but I can imagine this is what an A+ DILF would smell like. Top notes are bergamot, cloves, cardamom; middles notes are neroli, jasmin and rose; base notes are cedar and sandalwood.

Click here to buy Aesop Marrakech Intense Eau De Toilette.

EAT: Two Sis & Co.

Based in Pyrmont, Sydney, Two Sis & Co. is fast becoming a regular spot for my friends and I, especially after a big night. This place boasts breakies fit for a King/Queen at prices a struggling student can afford. The coffee is nice, the food is outstanding and the venue is totally Instagramable for those of you who care (which, if we're being honest, is around 70% of you).

Their Dukka Eggs are amazing and they do this yummy dish based on a bunch of different green vegetables that will bring you back to back to life in a 'morning after' scenario. It's easy to walk past this place, as it's nestled between a whole lot of nothing, but once you've treated yourself to a meal at Two Sis, you'll be back for more.

Follow them @twosispyrmont

DRINK: Bart Jnr.

This is the fairly new kid on the block in Redfern, Sydney - opening its doors earlier in the year - and perhaps I'm showing a little bit of geographical bias (I live right around the corner) but I'd say it's one of the coolest new joints to pop up in Sydney's Inner West. Named after a notorious, and apparently sexually rampant, neighbourhood cat, Bart Jnr. hosts a simple and ever changing menu alongside a great booze selection.

Image: @forksticks

The humans behind this corner bar on Redfern Street also own a mint coffee shop just down the road, Scout's Honour, which supplies me with my daily fix, and another nestled in the leafy streets of Paddington, called Morris.

The vibe is very ~Redfern~ paying homage to the area's grungy roots while also offering a touch of modern sheen, a look that we're starting to see pop up more and more in Redfern.

Click here to read more on Bart Jnr. (the bar, not the cat).

WEAR: Made by Nelson shoes

I'll be honest here, I'm in love with the idea of these shoes, rather than the shoes themselves because I am yet to purchase myself a pair (they are on my xmas list), but I feel that I can make the safe assumption in saying that they are the bomb-diggity because, well, just look at 'em.

According to their site they are "motivated by strong women who dress for themselves and find joy and creativity in fashion." Not only do they have a huge selection of styles and colours available but you can also design your own pair (for around $170 a pop). Each pair is hand made from vegetable tanned leather in Melbourne. The founder, Jamie Nelson, used to design shoes for beloved Gorman and Country Road, so you know she's legit.

Shop for Nelson shoes here.

READ: The Love of a Bad Man

You think you've dated some bad dudes? Read Laura Elizabeth-Woollett's 'Love of a Bad Man' and you'll be thanking your lucky stars. This book hosts a collection of short stories told from the point of view of the real women who have stood alongside the "bad men" of history - you know, your Hitler types.

Elizabeth-Woollett offers fictional insight into the women of history which exposes the typical 'unknowing female accomplice' stereotype, suggesting that perhaps these women played a bigger part that history has lead on.

It's a great read and a nice way to imagine the context behind some of the world's most notorious baddies.

Buy Love of a Bad Man here.

Note: All opinions expressed in this piece are that of the authors.

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