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Getting to know the "honest, emotional and durable" Aeora

Melbourne-based songstress Aeora knows the ingredients that make for a happy life: dogs, music and a good local coffee joint. She touches on all three in her interview withTwenty Something Humans and also tells us about the story behind her dreamy new single, which is all about letting yourself feel comfortable in needing someone.

She also walks us through her usual morning routine, shares some profound lyrics that reignited her sense of awe and paints us a picture of her favourite place in the world.

Can you describe your ~vibe~ to us using only three words? Honest, emotional and durable. Can you tell us about your new single, Need You? What’s the story behind this song? I wrote this song with the legend Lanks at the start of the year. It was my first co-write and it was both scary and exciting. It turned out extremely well (mostly because Lanks and I got along so well and he is a really great songwriter). We started discussing a concept of being in a relationship and learning to be okay with needing someone the other person and not feeling like it can take away from your own sense of self. It’s a personal song for me because it was exactly how I was feeling. I needed a song that wasn’t just saying “I’m a strong person and all I need is myself.”

Sure, you should be a strong individual and be comfortable within yourself, but being in a committed relationship with someone can be just as powerful for your individuality. Learning to love someone and being considerate towards them can be tough at times. But the connection you build is insanely beautiful. At least that’s what I was trying to express.

LISTEN: Need You, by Aeora and Lanks

Take us through your usual morning routine. I wake up at a pretty reasonable hour and go for a walk with my boyfriend down the road to our local café for a latte (shout out to the Spilt Milk team providing me caffeine and laughs). Then I have brekky and maybe answer some e-mails. I then usually head over to where my studio is at (also where my beautiful doggies live with my Mum) and get started on some music. That’s a good morning routine. Otherwise I’m shambling to get to work on time (barista work). Other than through your music, how do you fuel yourself creatively? Um! I play games a bit (Rocket League mostly) but that’s probably not that creative? Haha. Otherwise I like going to the beach and going for walks there. Being close to water is very special to me. I feel calm and creative when I am. What’s the last song that made your heart thump? I saw Lorde last night (she was amazing) so probably her song Green Light. We were all jumping with our hands in the air when the choruses came in.

Describe your favourite place in the world. I have a few favourite places but I vividly remember visiting Lucerne in Switzerland a few years ago and I still have this very shimmery memory of it because it was just so beautiful. It is a city that sits by a huge lake and is surrounded by mountains – it is very picturesque! What’s the best thing about your home town? I love Melbourne because it has everything. It has such a character about it and I’m able to do just about everything here. I love the nightlife, the food, the people, the music - it’s great. If you could support any artist in the world, who would it be? Björk. What are your all-time favourite song lyrics? Bon Iver’s “Holocene” – “and at once I knew, I was not magnificent.” I remember hearing this when I was 17 and really resonating with it because at the time I was going through a lot. It made me realise there was a huge amount of magnificence and light out there and my problems could be forgotten. It made me want to travel the world and see it all. Fill in the blanks: I feel most creative when I’m by myself – just listening and thinking. My favourite time of the day is around 10am. I’m a little bit of a night owl too, but that mid-morning for me is pure bliss. When I’m feeling sad I like to cuddle my dogs. My dog Nambi in particular is really good at cheering me up. She’s incredibly silly and always makes me laugh. If I could give my teenage self one piece of advice, it would be to just live it up and be yourself. Don’t be so scared of failing, nor worry about imperfections. When I’m 50, I hope to be living with at least 3 dogs, a cow and a goat, as well as still laughing and being silly everyday.


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