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Having a chinwag with Timi Temple

Take it from Timi Temple, it's never a good idea to attempt to do 21 shots of tequila on your 21st birthday. It won't end well. We speak more with this musical maven on "dumb shit" that he's done, his new single Sands of Time and he tells us of his favourite kind of souvenir that is "better than a bloody Bintang singlet."

Timi, we also hope that your parents don't read this...

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You’re Timi Temple, but your name is Tim Lockwood. Where does the 'Temple' come from?

You can thank my lovely mother for that one!! She’s Buddhist and when I was growing up she would take me to the temple to meditate. I wasn’t really good at calming my mind, but music was always running through my head so I wrote songs with my imagination during these times!! To this day I still drive in a silent car or sit in my room in silence and write songs in my head so yeah...Temple!!

People may recognise you from playing guitars with Kilter, but now we’re hopeful they’ll get to know you for being you – singer, songwriter and guitar god with a true vocal gift. Where’d you get all this skill from, is music in the fam?

Ohhh you guys are going to make me blush… I’m just super passionate about music and it’s my first thought waking in the morning, and my last before sleep (I usually get musical insomnia though haha)

Music is in the fam yeah, my dad plays banjo and ukulele (secretly I can shred on both…) and I was brought up on a mixed dose of rock and country music hahaha

Pretty ballsy to be releasing a song about ‘running from a crime’ many years ago. Fill us in!

It was probably too early in my life to be getting away with murder… but as a 5 year old, I got away with accidentally killing my pet fish, I didn’t own up to it until now, through this song! Luckily my parents are social media noobs and are probably still oblivious… I hope haha...

Your new vid for SANDS OF TIME is super rad, how did it come about?

Thank you so much! I just wanted the trippiest and most nostalgic video to represent this dark dystopia of secrets becoming this vivid lush life of honesty…….. luckily, I came across a Dope Lemon video that inspired me and got in touch with the producer of that one, Katie Luna, and this beautiful video is the fruits of our labour!

Image: Instagram @templetimi

What are you working on now?

Well, I’m typing this from the air in a boeing 747 - so I’m working on ignoring the constant cries from babies left right and centre - heading to Thailand to catch up with some family and hopefully purchase a bunch of weird instruments! I love having souvenirs of a musical variety from everywhere I visit - so much better than a bloody Bintang singlet…

I’ve got a few awesome songs that are coming out really soon (December/Jan/Feb) one of which I wrote with one of my oldest friends Felix - he had a lucid dream about robbing a bank and we gave the scene some cinematic support ha.

If you could trade bodies with a cartoon character, who would it be and why?

Just bodies? Or like super powers as well?? I remember being a kid all through school trying to power up and shoot a kaa-may-a-may-a out of my hands dragon ball Z style - so probably being Goku would be legit - he also gets to eat as much as he wants and stay ripped as… I love chocolate too much...

What are your favourite psych rock song lyrics?

Off the top of my head - I really love the way Eric Clapton in creme painted the visuals for ‘White Room’ or the sad song ‘Castles Made Of Sand’ by Hendrix

What’s the last song that you listened to that made your heart pound?

This spine tingling ‘ting’ only happens to me on rare occasions and mostly at live gigs (which I try to go to heaps of). Established artist wise, I’d have to say seeing DD Dumbo play Walrus live at the metro theatre was a special heartfelt singalong vibe for me - I’d love to hang with him someday.

Hidden Gem artist - I’ve got a sax player friend named Joel Sena - we went to uni together and he’s been releasing music under his own name for a year now - I saw a gig of his just last week and just with a sax and piano, so many emotions were conveyed I didn’t miss lyrics at all - that was really awe inspiring!

What’s the last movie that you watched and loved?

This will be cheesy - but I really loved the new Bladerunner. The score was done so well and I’m just a sucker for sci-fi fantasy. Also the cinematography and colouration was just so damn on point! I’d give it a strong 9/10.

What do you do to fill your soul to the brim?

Jamming music with my friends live - honestly, there isn’t something better than speaking a language learnt on an instrument and just feeding off each others ideas - it fills my soul to the tipping point and time flies so, so fast.

Image: Instagram @templetimi

Paint us a picture of your favourite place in the world.

I’m not too much of a beach person because I almost drowned when I was a kid - so probably the mountains in New Zealand. Drive a little out of Queenstown towards Wanaka and you’re super close to my perfect place - then chuck a hillside studio with all glass walls facing outward and a little zen garden atrium and yep, that’s nirvana for me! (oh and I’d have to bring my Border Collie, Jet, too).

What advice would you offer to people in their 20s who are wanting to pursue a creative career but aren’t quite sure how to take that first leap of faith?

If you’re chasing fame, then you’re in it for the wrong reasons… if you’re passionate about music and love every moment of it, it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling thing you can do with your life in my opinion. Taking the first leap of faith is scary, but don’t expect to come out of the gates bloody sprinting, Usain Bolt wasn’t running 9 seconds in100 meters when he first raced, so be humble and celebrate the small victories for your first gigs :) Also, it’s so crucial to write the music you love, not the music that you think is ‘popular’ or ‘mainstream’. Don’t be a sheep!!

What’s the dumbest thing that you did when you were in your 20s?

(still in my 20’s so this is subject to change haha)

(also hoping my family doesn’t read this)

Having a joint wrapped in acid paper is probably right up there…

Quick Fire Round

Soft shell taco or hard shell taco?

Neither, I’m a quesadilla person (I pronounce this QUES-SA-DILLA)(I just realised I just spelled it again haha)

A shot of coffee or a shot of tequila?

Coffee - tried 21 shots of tequila on my 21st - safe to say I hate tequila now (maybe this is the runner up to the dumbest thing in my 20s). (Editors note: Oh Lord.)

Track pants on the couch or dance shoes on the dance floor?

I play music so I can stand on stage and avoid the dance floors...

Early morning or late night?

Staying up till 3/4am is regular for me - is that late night or early morning?

A dip in the ocean or a breath of fresh air in the mountains?

This boy is scared of deep water - mountains please!

Watch the aforementioned "trippy and nostalgic" video clip for Sands of Time.

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