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Getting to know Haus of Dizzy: "Making jewels is LIFE!"

Self-proclaimed "Dizzy Moll", Kristy Dickinson, has been in the jewellery making game for 16 years now and created her very own jewellery business, Haus of Dizzy, just a few years ago. Drawing inspiration from her idols of the 90s, Kristy's designs are bold, colourful and sometimes a little bit cheek, our favourite combination.

No doubt you've been someone branding Haus of Dizzy products before as Kristy's brand is fast becoming the must have accessory of Sydney's Inner West humans (and the rest of the freakin' world for that matter).

She speaks with Twenty Something Humans about what goes into her usual working day (she's awake and at it before you've even hit your snooze button for the first time), offers advice for budding business owners and tells us of her, at times, embarrassing 'aunty' quality which nearly saw her cop a handbag to the face.

Image: Kirsty by @yeahthegirlsofficial

Can you tell us how you got into the jewellery making game?

I have been making jewellery for almost 16 years and started Haus of Dizzy about two and a half years ago. I started making jewellery as a hobby and then began selling it at Bondi Beach markets.

Where the name Haus of Dizzy came from?

It kind of stems from my friends being annoying and me referring to them as 'Dizzy Molls', I then moved in with a couple of gals and the term caught on in the household, becoming more of a endearing term. With a house full of 'Dizzy Molls' we decided to throw a house warming party and we called the Facebook event 'Haus of Dizzy'. Later down the track when I was starting my business I needed a catchy name and thought why not use 'Haus of Dizzy'? A fabulous Graphic Designer and all round Queen Natasha Killeen designed my logo and HOD was born!

What are your favourite earrings that you’ve designed and how long do they take to make?

My favourite earrings change almost daily. At the moment. my favourites are my 'Indigenous Pride Earrings' and they take me about an hour to make.

Where did the idea for your ‘style’ come from?

People who know me, know that I have always been into fashion and over the top accessories. I think it stems from growing up in the 90's, thinking I was Left eye from TLC and a love for huge gold chains and oversized earrings.

Image: Kristy by @yeahthegirlsofficial

What does a typical day look like for you?

Mmmm, so I get up at 6am every day and I read my emails, get back to messages on socials, check my orders on my site and wholesale orders and organise my meetings for the day. Then, I have a cup of tea and head into the studio and begin making my orders, pop off to any meetings I need to attend head back to the studio pack my orders and then race down to the post office before 5pm. Then head back to the studio and work till 10pm and then do it all again the next day.

Other than creating jewellery, how do you fuel yourself creatively?

I love cooking!!

What advice would you offer to someone who had an idea for a cool business but didn't know how to take that first step?

Do what you can to get a bit of money to start your business. I started just taking all my old clothes to Glebe markets and saving as much as I could just to get the ball rolling. Also rid yourself of toxic people and only surround yourself with creative, like-minded supportive people and do as much research as possible. Most of all just go for it!!!

Paint us a picture of your favourite place in the world.

I love being in my studio creating, painting and playing with beautiful coloured acrylics and chains all day.

Image: Kristy's favourite earrings @hausofdizzy

If you weren’t designing jewellery, what would you be doing?

It would be something in fashion.. maybe styling? But making jewels is LIFE!

"Rid yourself of toxic people and only surround yourself with creative, like-minded supportive people and do as much research as possible."

Best song to listen to when:

You’re totally pissed off with the world - The way I Am by Eminem

You're cooking up a storm in the kitchen- Crazy In love by Beyoncé

You’ve got the worst hangover imaginable – Chasing Waterfalls by TLC

You’re getting sexy – Pony by Ginuwine (Hahahaha) (Editors note: classic choice)

Quick Fire Round

Guilty pleasure food: HASHBROWNSSSS

Last embarrassing thing that you did: Oh gosh! I do embarrassing things all the time!! I have a bit of a habit of being a 'aunty' (like always looking out for people, even strangers) so just last week I was walking down the street and a lady had the tag of her top hanging out, so I was like: "Excuse me, your tag is hanging out," and as I started to reach over to tuck it in and she freaked out and nearly hit me with her bag!! That was either embarrassing or creepy on my behalf. Not sure which one?

Favourite type of jewellery to wear: HAUS OF DIZZY

Favourite Beyoncé song: Run the World

Denim or leather? Denim

Fold or Scrunch? Fold

Glitter or confetti? OMG GLITTER 100%

Follow @hausofdizzy on Instagram to see more of Kristy's fresh 'n' funky designs or check out her website: www.hausofdizzy.com to buy yourself a pair of these bad boys. You can even get custom made earrings! How freakin' cool is that?!

Twenty Something Humans editor, Kate Neilson, wears Haus of Dizzy 'Baby Girl' earrings.

"Every time I wear these I feel like my confidence levels increase by about 110% even when I accidentally wear them backwards and they say GIRL BABY instead of BABY GIRL. I am a bit of a girl baby, so both work!"

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