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Celebrity Conspiracy Theories: Is Britney Spears a clone?

I love a good conspiracy theory. I believe without a doubt that both aliens and ghosts truly exist. I believe that Princess Diana was deliberately murdered by the Royal Family and, like any true conspiracy theorist, I truly believe that Bush (and/or the CIA) were the masterminds behind the 9/11 tragedy. My tin foil hat is well and truly on my friends.

I know this stuff sounds far fetched but on a few occasions conspiracy theories have actually turned out to be more than fiction. For example, in the 1950’s, the CIA carried out horrible, mind-numbing experiments on non-consenting victims. For years it was dismissed as being just a bunch of crazy stories perpetuated by hippies and nut-jobs. Alas, it all turned out to be completely true and the government released the details to the public in the 1970s. Just last month, a photo hidden away in the US national archives, along with plenty of first hand witness accounts, proved that Amelia Earhart actually died in Japanese custody on the Marshall Islands in 1937. This disproves the commonly told tale of her disappearance in the Pacific Ocean. Due to WWII, it’s no wonder that the government wanted to keep that lil tidbit a secret from the public. But hey, not all conspiracy theories are as dark as these two. There are a bunch of fun theories that you can whip out at your next social gathering. One of the best ones involves our ultimate 2000’s gal pal - Brittany Spears. This ones a doozy, ladies and gentlemen. We all know that Britney as the queen of the early 2000’s who had 'a bit of a moment' in 2007 and went AWOL. She was branded all over the media as the good girl gone bad, and proceeded to get some pretty shocking press over the next few years. 2004 was a period of time where Britney started to work on an independent album which she kept a secret from her label. This was a big deal because Brittany had never written her own songs before. It was called The Original Doll, and on it, was a track called ‘Mona Lisa’. One day Britney walked right up to a radio station and politely asked them to play it. This caused an uproar with her record label, and eventually got the whole album canned. But what does this have to do with Queen Britney being a clone, you ask? Check out the lyrics: ‘she’s the original she's unforgettable, she wants you to know she's been cloned’

Yes, it could just be referring to the manufactured nature of female pop stars, but this was just the first of many instances of cloning that she’s referred to. Brittany’s 2007 single ‘Break the Ice’s' music video features her cartoon self in a lab amongst a bunch of cloning tubes. You may be asking, why would people want to clone Britney? Here are few theories. * Her famous baby-like singing voice is hard to ace and can negatively effect your vocal cords. Perhaps they needed a back-up Britney to get up on stage when the OG just couldn’t handle it? * She grew up in the business, and chances are she got a tad sick of people telling her how to live her life. Maybe Britt snatched her agency back from their grimy lil’ hands, and now they need another way to control her. *It’s the fucking Illuminati. There’s a load of theories that claim that most celebrities have a few clones in rotation to make sure they’re sticking to the illuminati’s agenda. Scientifically, clones only have identical genetic make up, and their personalities can be completely different so this could explain why we see celebrities like Justin Bieber and Britney doing some erratic shit one day, and return to normal in a week. Intense stuff, hey? If you want to know more about the various Britney Spears conspiracies, give it a search on YouTube and be prepared for a black hole of entertainment.

Nice knowing ya.

Laura is a 21-year-old Italian grandmother who likes coffee, going to bed early and snapchat filters. Follow her on Instagram @laurajmasia.

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