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The plebiscite is shite but we really need to rally

By now you've probably seen an abundance of online content telling you to make sure you're enrolled to vote/have updated your postal address so you can ensure your voice is heard in the upcoming postal vote re: same sex marriage. If you haven't got around to doing it yet don't even bother reading the rest of this article, you've got a much more important job to do right now. We've only got a few days left!


Click on this here link and spend a few minutes of your day enrolling/updating your details. Once you've done that, send the link to a mate and ask them to do the same thing. By doing this we can all help to make a HUGE impact on the lives of LGBTQIA Australians, their families and their allies.

You have until the 24th of August to register with the Australian Electoral Commission. Act now!


If you're still on the fence and want to know a little more about what the plebiscite is all about there are some great articles buzzing around at the moment that will give you some context and explain the process in an easy to digest way.

You Have To Enrol To Vote NOW If You Want Marriage Equality - Junkee

We Could Lose The Marriage Equality Vote - Pedestrian TV

Penny Wong Just Demolished The Plebiscite In A Powerful Speech - Junkee

Same-sex marriage: What happens now? - ABC News


The Feed SBS VICELAND go behind the scenes of Australia Post as they prepare for the postal vote plebiscite.


Talk about it with your mates, ask questions, make some noise. Even though the government is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by ignoring the obvious digital alternatives to a postal vote in an effort to exclude the digital generation (as waste a fuck tonne of tax payer's money), we need to prove 'em wrong. Use the internet to your advantage. Tweet, share, comment & re-post in order to get the message out there and then get in touch with the good old days and send your postal vote back!

Also, the internet is a great tool for having conversations such as this but don't forget to bring these things up IRL too. A lot of people, students especially, might have deleted their Facebook profile for the semester or maybe they don't engage with social media/the internet at all, so they might not know the full details of this sitchu....and with the deadline looming you might need to give them a nudge.

The plebiscite is shite but it's so important that we act as one on this. Have a plebiscite party and vote with your nearest and dearest. Take a shot for every time our government has let you down (you will be pissed in mere moments), kiss the closest person to you on the lips and say a big FUCK YOU to our clusterfuck of a government.

P.S Important that you send your postal vote BEFORE getting wasted so you don’t forget.

P.S.S Here's that link again, so you don't even have to scroll back to the top of this page to enrol.

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