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Q&A with Tina Freakin' Arena

Guys, this is not a drill. Australia's very own national treasure Tina Arena has imparted her words of wisdom on us here at Twenty Something Humans ahead of her upcoming Australian tour. We talked to Tines (yeah, I think we're on a nickname basis now) about her surprise pop up performance at Splendour, she offers some sage advice for budding creatives and tells us what would make up her ideal weekend.

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What can we expect from your upcoming Innocence To Understanding tour?

A great night out…we’ll be playing the hits, some of them reimagined, and a few of my own favourite songs from over the years and fabulous costumes! These will be my last pop shows for quite some time - so we are going to make the most of it and have some fun!

Can you tell us a little about your surprise appearance at Splendour, and what was it like performing with Client Liaison?

You know I felt a little nervous before it…the gig was fantastic and it felt good. They are such lovely guys, great musicians, great fashion - a great sense of humour and showmanship.... and the Splendour crowd were great. I love that they’re just there for the music and open to all types of artists. It was fun to sing Teardrop (Womack & Womack cover), I’ve never done that live before.

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What’s the best and worst part about touring?

The best part is absolutely when you feel that energy in the room…when I am totally with the audience, there in that moment. The worst is checking in and out of hotels.

Of all the Australian cities that you’ve toured to throughout your music career, which has been the most memorable and why?

Honestly for me, you can’t beat my hometown of Melbourne, it’s a great city.

….and which Aussie city are you most excited to return to?

I love Perth and I love Tasmania - I’m looking forward to all the shows.

What advice would you offer to people in their 20s who were interested in pursuing a creative career but aren’t quite sure how to take the first step?

Take chances, discover not only what you are good at, but what makes you happy. Understand that you need a good team around you and collaborate with them. Make sure you’re in it for the right reasons, because you like the craft not for the fame.

If you could pick an artist to do a 'Tina Arena Tribute Tour', who would it be and why?

EEEK I’m not done yet! :)

Describe your ultimate weekend.

Good food, good friends, good weather and no technology or social media anywhere in sight.

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Other than through your music, how do you fuel yourself creatively?

Even though I don’t generally like filming music videos, I do like the acting side of it. It is something I would like to pursue further. I have been working on a fragrance and candle for 3 years now, it’s not a vanity exercise for me, or a commercial one, just a real passion of mine (I’ve travelled Italy, France and Australia, my 3 cultures, hand selecting the ingredients)… there is even sandalwood from Indigenous Australia. I’m really excited about it.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

The birth of my son and watching him grow.

When can we expect the Tina Arena feat. Nonna Paola album to drop? (by the sounds of her dinner table crooning it would be a platinum hit).

Haha watch this space. She’s such a legend - what a great spirit.

Image: Tina and Nona Paola. Instagram @tinaarena

(If you haven't seen the video of Tina surprising Nona Paola, aka her biggest fan, check it out now. It will be the best thing you've seen all day.)

Best song to…

Listen to on a long road trip: Too Funky by George Michael

Listen to when you’re feeling sorry for yourself: Usually something that will break my mood…Client Liaison? :)

Quick Fire Round

Pre-gig ritual: I go into myself, have quiet time and zone in. It can be hard as there are usually a lot of people around me…hair, make up etc…but I have honed this skill over the years.

Favourite guilty pleasure meal: Schnitzel!

Most embarrassing fashion choice from the past: Have you seen Young Talent Time?

We have now....

Tina Arena's Innocence To Understanding greatest hits national tour is kicking of on September 6 in Brisbane and finishing up October 6 in Perth. Click here to see when she's coming through your town.

You can follow Tina Arena on Instagram and on Facebook.

Kate Neilson is a list maker and a booty shaker. She likes to eat toast in bed and has been known to enjoy a gin and tonic in the afternoon. She is the founding editor at Twenty Something Humans and can be lurked @katiepotatierose.

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