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5 things you could be doing instead of falling into an Instagram hole

What the fuck did we do before smart phones existed? How did we know what complete strangers were doing with their weekend and would we really have remembered our sister's birthday without facebook reminding us with a friendly, yet firm, pop up notification?

We've all got important stuff going on in our lives, there are plenty of things on our To-Do lists, yet there are so many distractions just waiting to pull us into the midst of their Youtube/Instagram vortex. I'm sure you've got something that you should be doing right now, but instead you're here, reading this article. Don't leave though, you can get to all of that stuff later.

Reading this article will be slightly more productive than falling into Instagram's rabbit hole. Here's a short and sweet list of things that you could do instead.

Actually call somebody

Basic right? Do you remember the last time you picked up your phone and used your voice instead of your fingers? Being mean to Siri doesn't count. Talking isn’t for everybody but maybe your mate needs to hear your story about staking it on a first date in vivid detail without generic emojis. Family tend to like a good old fashioned yap too, or even those you meet on your travelling adventures – give it a go.

Block your ex/ current fuckhuman

They take up enough of your physical time, furiously typing passive aggressive text messages, and more than enough of your mental time, crying into your pillow while listening to Coldplay on repeat. You don't need to experience soul crushing moments every.single.day. Get rid of 'em.

I also suggest you do this in order to avoid an accidental 'like' three months deep into their feed. Tread carefully people.

Throw out your old make up

You get into a routine: smearing red lippy on, coating your lashes with a mascara that has a vague French name and dabbing your face with a powder from the 80s.Throwing make up out is something you just forget to do. Just remember, rocking pink eye is never going to be a thing again, plus people will question your extra curricular activities.

...for that matter, throw out a bunch of your shit.

Donate the bags of clothes and other random accessories that you're hoarding in your wardrobe. If you feel like being charitable there are loads of stores that would be grateful for your donation, or if you are an H&M fan, they give you a 15% off voucher for each bag you donate- I know right! Plus you need room for your TSH tee -out with the old in with the new!

Plan for world domination

Those fleeting thoughts that skim through your mind when you're meant to be making other people’s coffee at work can actually happen if you allocate some time to them. Perhaps you want to move house, look for another job or just make all of those bloody adult appointments you haven’t been arsed with. The amount of time you that spend on social media would add up to the same as having a look for a new place, applying for your dream job or booking to get your eyeballs tested.

We're all blessed with the same amount of hours in a week, we just need to use them wisely. As much as it is life changing to see how somebody’s mac 'n' cheese turned out, there are other things you could be doing that would benefit YOU. So, now that you have some tips, go ahead anf give some of them a go. Come back and visit TSH after it though, obviously.

Vikki Sinclair is a 29 (+1) year old contributor at 20 Something Humans. She often dresses like somebody threw up a garden on her and has a strong obsession with Lena Dunham and wearing red lipstick. Stalk her on Instagram vintagevik or twitter @vintagevik.

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