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Getting to know up and coming muso Jethro Morris

Do you sometimes think that you might be a little bit of a sociopath? Do you hate your job? Do you feel like all the colour has been sucked outta you? Up and coming muso man, Jethro Morris, gets ya. We had a lil chat with Jethro about his song writing process, the dumbest thing that he’s ever done (it was pretty dumb) and tells us about his debut single, ‘When You’re Gone.’

What drew you towards the world of music?

My parents were always playing music in the house when I was a kid, artists like: The Beatles, Hendrix, Bob Dylan etc. One day when I was 5, I got out a jar of coins that I had saved up and emptied it onto the floor. My Mum helped me count it up and then asked me what I was going to buy. I told her I wanted a guitar. I didn’t have enough money but Mum instantly took me to the music store and pitched in the rest for a guitar. From there on I’ve just been captivated by music and writing.

Tell us a little bit about your debut single “When You’re Gone”.

You can make what you want out if it, but for me it’s about escape. It’s about working a job that you hate everyday and feeling a little sociopathic because it feels like all of the colour is being sucked out of you. You daydream about leaving it all behind and driving off into the sunset.

What’s your song writing process?

Most of my ideas just pop into my head. Some songs I create when I first pick up a guitar or have been playing around a bit, but the best ones are at random. It usually starts with a melody and then I race to figure out how to play it. After that I just lay down the lyrics. I can usually “hear” what I want to be in the background and how it should be fleshed out, so I just rely on my instinct and feel.

How do you fuel your creativity?

On one hand I would say mistakes, regrets, love, loss and all of that. On the other hand I would say that songwriting is like a muscle and the more you train it the less you have to work sometimes. If I choose not to write anything, the songs will just kind of come to me. Which might sound luxurious but they aren’t all bangers.

If you could support any artist/band, living or dead, who would it be and why?

It’s hard to choose but I have to say Jimi Hendrix.

How did you discover ‘your sound’?

I just play to the song. I tend to write a lot and from the songs I deem to be good there’s a lot of versatility, which makes it hard to have a ‘sound’. So with whatever I create, I just play it how I think it should be and know that my voice or who I am will bind it all together naturally.

What’s the dumbest thing that you’ve ever done?

One time when I was camping with friends I was high and drunk and a mate and I climbed up onto my friend’s car and held onto the roof racks while he drove around. It was a terrible idea because I fell off and I was so out of it that I couldn’t tell if my foot went under the wheel or if it just hurt from the fall. Turns out it was fine, but it could’ve been very bad.

Pick a song to:

Listen to when you’re feeling sorry for yourself: Hall of Fame – Jeff Rosenstock

Listen to in the morning when you’re cooked after a huge night out: Like Me - Joey Bada$$

Listen to when you’re trying to get in “the mood”: Double Team – Tenacious D

Listen to when you’re road tripping: West Coast - FIDLAR

Pick One

Fold or scrunch?


Meat pie or quinoa salad?

Pie. I honestly don’t know if I’ve had quinoa salad.

Quick root or a long walk?

Quick root.

Hands for feet or feet for hands?

Hands for feet for sure.

Check out Jethro's debut single When You’re Gone, here and follow him on Facey to keep up to date.

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