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Unicorn Food: Have You Tasted the Rainbow?

Word on the street is unicorns are real and edible, apparently.

You might’ve seen this trend sweeping across your social channels lately, in all its colourful, photogenic glory. The trend seems to have less to do with the animal itself (dammit) and more to do with its vibrant colours and alleged ‘magical’ properties. And no, we’re not talking about the ‘magic mushroom’ kind.

The idea of magical unicorns is somehow manifesting itself in trendy, colourful food dishes all over the world. All praise the magic of food dye.

Think all your favourite dishes, rainbow-washed and oh-so Instagram-ready. Keep scrolling for a round-up of all the unicorn-inspired beauty your inner child could desire.

Unicorn Lattes

Over-caffeinating everyone, one unicorn latte at a time…sounds fab. But this is actually a thing. Like, even Starbucks is cashing in on the trend. If you’ve ever wondered what a unicorn latte looks like, it would help to picture something that looks less like a coffee and more like a dessert that you would distract a child with while you get your actual coffee. If you’re keen to recreate the magic at home (with a healthy twist), check out this recipe.

Unicorn toast

If you ever wondered what fairy-bread on roids would look like, unicorn toast is pretty much it. These colourful carbs are originally the work of food stylist/photographer/healthy eating fanatic Adeline Waugh. Despite the hate she has received since she started taking about 200 photos of toast a day, she could not be more #sorrynotsorry. Love your work, girl.

Unicorn toasties

Not to be confused with unicorn toast, these toasties take your regular grilled cheese and make it 100 times more photogenic. After Kala Toast Café in Hong Kong put their spin on the cult favourite, similar replicas have been popping up all over social media ever since. This particular creation consists of four different cheeses with subtle notes of basil, tomato and lavender throughout.

Unicorn doughnuts

Whether they’re frosted with marbled pastels and gold leaf or simply sporting the most on-fleek eyelashes you will ever see, unicorn doughnuts will blow your mind. Almost too cute to eat…almost. Follow this recipe for a version that’s vegan AND gluten-free.

Unicorn bagels

Continuing on our delicious carb journey, unicorn bagels seem like the only natural progression from unicorn doughnuts. And they do not disappoint. The internet has been losing its shit over them recently but they’ve actually been circulating for the last 20 years. The craze has taken off so much that this Brooklyn bagel shop now has a waiting list for them. Well, that’s what you get for shipping worldwide. If you have a sec, watch this short clip on how they’re made. Honestly, it’s the most satisfying thing you will watch all day.

Unicorn pizza

Colour = joy, joy = happiness and well… happiness = pizza. Makes sense, right? I mean, don’t get it twisted. Pizza is already perfect. But rather than baking the colours into the dough, this blogger opted to play around with the cheese instead. Or alternatively, you can take the unicorn dust route and basically form the cutest pizza you’ll ever see. Cringe or crave?

Unicorn burgers

Is this taking the whole rainbow thing too far? Jury’s out on this one. Regardless of how it tastes, one of these would definitely grab your attention in a crowd.

Unicorn Cake

Unicorns have invaded everything from traditional tiered cakes (complete with luscious manes) to adorable little cupcakes and even bite-sized cake pops. Better commit to the cause and follow through all the way to its spongy centre. #craving

Unicorn pancakes

Nobody really needs another reason to love pancakes, they’re amazeballs. But once you give your favourite short stack the unicorn treatment, prepare to be mind-blown. Fluffy, flirty and frikken amazing, we loveee!

Unicorn biscuits

Sugar cookies and macarons are bite sized, right? So there’s really no need to feel guilty if you inhale the whole batch. Just go with it.

Unicorn ice-cream

These confectionary gems look like something you’d steal from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Almost looks too good to be real. Given the fact that any ice cream recipe can be easily adapted into ice cream cake, this one’s a definite winner for us.

Unicorn cocktails

Not sure if alcohol or dessert, exactly how I like it. These cocktails aren’t just delicious, they’re pretty enough to match your glam outfit for this weekend. Serve these at your next getty and they’ll have everyone frothing at the mouth.

Spread the unicorn love like confetti, kids.

Adrianna is a 22-year-old journalism graduate who is never seen wandering the streets of Sydney sans coffee in hand. A self-confessed sugar addict, she is a lover of sweet treats, sweet words and even sweeter fashion finds. When she isn't hitting the gym or buried in a horror film of some sort, you'll definitely find her Instagramming at @adri_zapp.

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